NEW YORK — For the last two years, Prescriptives has devoted itself to giving consumers freedom of choice with such items as the Pick 2 Eyes and Pick 2 Face compacts. Now the company wants to help consumers make the right choice.

This new direction will take the form of a color cosmetics promotion, called Color ’95, In a New Light, which will start rolling out in Prescriptives’ 650 doors next month.

“When we stopped doing color promotions two years ago, we felt that consumers were tired of being dictated to by the set looks prescribed in color stories and wanted options,” said Sylvie Chantecaille, senior executive of creative marketing. “We still feel that way, but now we realize that in addition to choice, they do want some guidance.”

The promotion, which will be shown in a separate countertop display, will tie together coordinating shades for eyes, cheeks and lips in all four Prescriptives color families: blue-red, red, red-orange and yellow-orange. While company executives declined to comment on sales figures, sources estimated that Color ’95 could catapult Prescriptives’ fall color business to $25 million this year, compared with $15 million last year.

“We feel that Color ’95 will do an enormous volume because even though we have a narrow focus on one color direction, we are offering colors that can suit four different skin tones across all intensities,” said James Bunn, senior vice president and general manager of Prescriptives. “We are also introducing many new products and shades that will later be incorporated into our basic business.”

Each color family will feature two new shades of Extraordinary Lipstick, a new lip pencil, a new cheek color, one eyeshadow single and two new lip glosses. There will also be a specially created eyeshadow pan that contains a highlighter and a coordinating color shown with each color grouping.

Two years ago, the company abandoned seasonal shade promotions in favor of building its basic business, which has revolved around giving consumers options through the Pick 2 custom-made compacts of eye or cheek colors.

But despite the direction of Color ’95, Prescriptives is still offering choices. It is offering a special refillable compact for the promotion that can hold a split pan of eyeshadow, an eyeshadow single and a cheek color for $37.50. The compact can later be turned into a Pick 2 Eyes compact or one for Pick 2 Face.

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Each of the pans can also be purchased separately to freshen an old compact.