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By the Numbers: Comparing Prestige Beauty Sales Worldwide

International data from The NPD Group shows North America’s pivot to skin care as the strongest.

Prestige beauty has been impacted in the top markets by the coronavirus, and even skin care, the most resilient category, has faced double-digit declines worldwide in the first half of the year, according to new data from The NPD Group. “Overall, skin care and hair care have been the most resilient among the beauty categories during the COVID-19 period as consumers have prioritized these routines,” said Larissa Jensen, beauty industry adviser at The NPD Group. Skin care is showing strength worldwide:  France saw a one percent difference in prestige skin care and beauty overall. Also topping the list is Germany, which faced the smallest decline in beauty overall out of all eight countries. Mexico’s business suffered the most. Here, how the U.S., Canada, Germany, France, Mexico, Italy, the U.K. and Spain ranked by second-quarter beauty and skin-care sales.

Prestige Beauty Sales by Country:

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  1. Germany: -21 percent
  2. Canada: -22 percent
  3. U.S.:  -25 percent
  4. France: -30 percent
  5. Spain: -31 percent
  6. U.K.: -35 percent
  7. Italy: -36 percent
  8. Mexico: -47 percent

Prestige Skin-care Sales by Country:

  1. Canada: -12 percent
  2. U.S.: -14 percent
  3. Germany: -17 percent
  4. U.K.: -27 percent
  5. Spain: -29 percent
  6. France: -31 percent
  7. Italy: -32 percent
  8. Mexico: -38 percent

Source: The NPD Group
U.S., Canada, Mexico: Jan. 5 to July 4
U.K.: Dec. 29 to June 27
Italy, Spain, France, Germany: Dec. 30 to June 28

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