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Proactiv to Host Interactive ‘Poppable’ Event for ProactivMD Launch

The "Pop This Not That" pop-up event will celebrate the brand’s newest line, ProactivMD.

Proactiv doesn’t want you to pop your pimples.

Rather, the skin-care brand is hosting an interactive pop-up event full of “poppable” installations to let customers get out their urge to pop.

“Consumers know our brand, but there are not many places in the country that you can interact with the brand firsthand,” said Kimber Maderazzo, executive vice president of brand and product marketing at Proactiv. “We wanted to get out there and bring [the brand] directly to consumers, this time with a personal touch.”

The interactive event, which will be held at The Hole, includes social media-worthy activities such as a bubble wrap room with more than one million bubbles, a balloon installation, Pop Rocks shots and custom flavored popcorn. Since popping pimples releases dopamine, Proactiv wanted to give its customers an alternative to get their popping fix without causing any damage to their skin.

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Proactiv spokesmodels Olivia Munn and Cameron Dallas will also be at the event for meet and greets and to interact with the installations.

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“It’s really fun to be able to meet people and share skin tips and tricks and to see how excited [customers] get when they realize there’s a solution for every acne or skin issue they may have,” Munn said. “I’m obsessive about healthy, beautiful skin and to be able to share anything that I’ve learned along the way is really exciting for me.”

The pop-up also celebrates Proactiv’s newest line, ProactivMD, which launched last month. The line consists of a four-product daily system to help prevent acne by cleansing and treating the skin with a Cleansing Face Wash, a Cleansing Balancing Toner, a Daily Oil Control SPF 30 and an Adapalene Gel 0.1%, which is the first prescription strength over-the-counter retinoid that is FDA approved to treat acne.

While Proactiv customers are familiar with the brand’s skin-care regimens, this system differs from other Proactiv products because of the removal of benzoyl peroxide from the cleanser and the addition of the adapalene gel.

“Adapalene is the next step in Proactiv’s mission to help control mild to moderate acne for both teens and adults,” said Dr. Ted Lain, dermatologist and Proactiv partner. “It is truly the backbone to this new system, but both the cleanser and moisturizer have been formulated to work with this new ingredient to optimize results.”

ProactivMD is available for $29.95 as a monthly subscription and will be available for individual sale on Amazon, ranging in price from $12 to $18.

The pop-up event will take place Friday at The Hole, located at 312 Bowery from 12:30 to 7 p.m.