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Prolitec Introduces Home-Scenting Device Aera

The app-controlled device aims to give luxury shoppers a more even, long-lasting home fragrance experience.

Scenting a room is now easier than striking a match.

Prolitec, a commercial scenting company with a patented scent diffusion technology that it uses to disperse fragrances in malls, hotels and retail stores, is introducing its first consumer-facing device, Aera. The device is completely technology-driven.

“We perceived the [home fragrance] market as underserved from a device and method point of view,” said Richard Weening chairman and chief executive officer of Prolitec. “We felt we could produce an approach and solution that was significantly better than the methods that are in use.”

Weening noted that his company’s research found that traditional home scent products — candles, reed diffusers and plug-ins — were producing lackluster results for consumers. According to Weening, scents change over time when used in these vehicles, and away from the main source, the scent is much weaker. “Everyone who has experienced a plug-in knows that,” said Weening.

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The point of Aera is that it utilizes the same technology that is used to scent Abercrombie & Fitch stores and W Hotels, releasing each fragrance ingredient at once to create a uniform and even fragrance that doesn’t dissipate or change over time. A starter set, retailing for $189, contains the device and one fragrance capsule. The fragrance capsules emit the scent, and are interchangeable. They are individually priced at $47, and are meant to last for 60 days.

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Aera worked with fragrance designer Raymond Matts to design its first collection of six scents, and with master perfumer and founder of DreamAir Christophe Laudamiel on two scent capsules for holiday. Eventually, Weening noted that the brand is interesting in acquiring licenses to other scents, so that consumers are able to purchase the scent of their favorite candle or diffuser in the form of Aera’s fragrance capsules.

Aera users can also download the Aera For Home app and control their devices from their smartphones, turning them on and off and choosing which rooms they’d like to scent — the device is adjustable to any amount of space up to 2,000 square feet.

Aera is launching on, and Weening said the brand is interested in acquiring luxury retail partners to help tell its story. For now, the challenge is marketing, so the brand is starting with an editorial and influencer push.

“One of the challenges of marketing this is people don’t realize they can have an exquisitely better scent,” said Weening. “It’s a much better experience, but people have to try it — telling their friends, seeing it, experiencing it and recommending.”