By  on October 5, 2018

Former “Power Rangers” actress Jennifer Yen charged into the beauty business 10 years ago with the launch of Purlisse. The line was inspired by her grandmother’s Asian beauty rituals that harness ingredients to restore her skin’s health aggravated by heavy on-set makeup. Purlisse resonated with consumers looking for Asian beauty and sales are on path to do $10 million by end of year.

Yen hopes to find success again with the debut of Yensa, a new brand infused with eight superfoods. She’s stacking the deck using the number eight (her favorite number and one that is associated with prosperity and infinite possibilities in Asian cultures) on her packaging, in the number of superfoods — and the first item in the line debuts on Oct. 8. The launch extends her reach beyond skin care into color cosmetics fused with skin-care properties.

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