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QuickFrame on How to Nail Beauty Video Content

Data from video-as-a-service platform QuickFrame points to the most effective types of video marketing.

Beauty brands are finding it more effective to show their customers how to use products versus telling them. QuickFrame, a video marketing production company, analyzed the most successful marketing videos from November 2020 to February 2021, and found that consumers respond better to product-centric videos versus those with humans as their main subjects. “Just because a brand can produce video content right now with a number of people doesn’t necessarily mean that they should,” said Lucas Piazza, chief marketing officer of QuickFrame.

With the advent of TikTok and the proliferation of streaming platforms, Piazza sees the video space as only growing more in the next year. “There will be an interesting dichotomy where it’s going to be a more competitive media environment, but a greater consumer willingness to buy products,” he said. “It’s critical that beauty brands are thinking about the different ways to captivate an audience’s attention right from the beginning.” Here, QuickFrame’s top 10 insights for video marketers.

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Top 10 Insights for Video Marketers:

  1. Product-centric videos have 26 percent higher ROAS than videos with talent talking about product.
  2. Testimonial-style videos get 110 percent more investment from beauty marketers than any other type of video.
  3. Testimonial videos also experience a 16 percent lower ROAS than the average video.
  4. Videos with talent and creators using products get a 17 percent better CPA than videos of talent and creators holding product.
  5. Stop-motion videos drive 58 percent higher sales, yet received 176 percent less investment than average beauty videos.
  6. How-to videos bring in a 48 percent higher ROAS than before and after videos.
  7. Videos with opening shots of the products receive 49 percent better ROAS.
  8. When videos open with a product being opened, they receive a 113 percent worse CPA.
  9. Videos opened with user-generated content received a 70 percent worse CPA.
  10. Beauty videos without dialogue get a 31 percent lower CPA.

Source: QuickFrame.
Period: November 2020-February 2021

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