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How to Optimize Your Brand’s Presence on Amazon

Taylor Hamilton of ReCommerce gave tips for a better experience on the platform.

“Whether or not you think Amazon is a challenge or an opportunity to your brand, you are right.”

Taylor Hamilton, chief executive officer of ReCommerce Brands, an Amazon brand agency that helps global names optimize their experience using the platform, spoke about the importance of the e-commerce giant’s platform and ways to ensure brands are making the most of it. Said Hamilton, “A lot of the success on the platform depends on how much you embrace Amazon and take advantage of how many opportunities there are on the platform and [create] those synergies with your business model.”

First, Hamilton offered up a stat symbolizing the significance of the platform — 100 million people have Amazon Prime memberships — likely speaking to those in the audience who may be on the fence about using Amazon as a retail platform. He also repeated a stat from earlier in the day from Amazon’s Justin Boettcher — about half of consumers are “checking product out on Amazon before brick-and-mortar or a retailer’s web site. Plus, “at some point in time, your product will end up on Amazon,” whether a brand enters the Amazon marketplace officially or through a third-party distributor or “retail arbitrage.”

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Hamilton offered up some advice for optimizing brand presence on Instagram as well, tailored to some of the fledgling brands in the room.

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“Be creative,” he stressed. “This is the beauty industry — doesn’t it make sense that you’d want to have [beautiful images]? I can’t tell you how many times I land on a product detail page and we find items that are just pictures taken in somebody’s hands or on a kitchen counter.” Hamilton recommended instead to “use lifestyle imagery that evokes emotion in your consumers.”

He added, “Put the most information upfront — more consumers are shopping on mobile. Most people don’t know this, but information is truncated on mobile, so put the key information at the top. Use keywords that are relevant to what people are searching.”

Consistency is key, Hamilton said. “Make it easy to shop — create consistency across all of your listings. think of being at a retail store. If you have product organized nicely all on one shelf, that’s going to be easy to view, improve conversion and [get] great organic search results.”