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Red Carpet Beauty: Smooth Operators

If you've got it, flaunt it. These beauties did just that with slicked styles that showcased their flawless bone structure.

For those who have nothing—and we mean nothing—to hide, slicked back hair was the style of choice. “If you’ve got a beautiful face, slicked back hair is awesome,” says Paul. “It’s beautiful and easy and really shows off your eyes and cheekbones and skin.” Celebrities who opted for the clean look got it right in terms of makeup, too. “The skin tones were much more realistic,” says Dubrof. “In years past, there was a lot of overtanning. It isn’t flattering and it feels dated and a little cheap,” she continues. “When you live in California, you have the tendency to be tan just from being outside, and then people pump it up. I’m happy to see it hasn’t been turned up at all.”

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