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Report Reveals Size and Scope of Beauty Communities on Reddit

Beauty communities on the site see more than 33 million page views a month.

Beauty is big on Reddit. The online communities site scrubbed data about its pages and found that the top beauty communities generate more than 33 million monthly page views with 2.7 million monthly unique users.

A spokeswoman for the site said, “From hair care and makeup to skin care, Redditors are discussing best-of tips and tricks, discovering new products and more.” The company noted in a report about its beauty communities that more than 28 million “Redditors” searched for information on beauty or skin care in a six-month period.

“People come to Reddit’s beauty communities to share advice and recommendations, ask for product suggestions, discuss trends and share photos of their looks,” authors of the report said. Some of the top communities include: “r/skincareaddiction” with 14 million monthly page views and 1 million uniques; “r/makeupaddiction” with 8 million monthly page views and close to 1 million uniques, and “r/asianbeauty” with 3.6 monthly page views and more than 500,000 uniques.

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“The conversation in top beauty communities showcases both breadth of topics and interests and depth of engagement,” the company said in the report. “On Reddit, the beauty community is a highly engaged group, not just an audience of lurkers; in fact, our own data shows that contributors to Reddit’s beauty communities have a 40 percent higher-than-average comment length.”

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The site also generates product purchases. Citing comScore data, the company said 9.2 million Redditors searched for information on skin care, for example, during the first half of the year and their “discovery and discussion has generated more than 5 million skin-care purchases between $50 and $100.”

“But beyond purchasing power, these communities have demonstrated the potential to change lives,” authors of the report said. “From skin-care concerns, like aging and acne, to routine-building, confidence-boosting advice, Redditors around the world are coming together to lift each other up and provide support.”

Reddit said in the beauty and skin-care communities, there’s a higher level of positive engagement between members “with eight ‘up’ votes for every ‘down’ vote and with 33 percent of unique users coming back 10 or more times in a month.”

Aside from skin care, other popular segments include communities for hair care, hair-care science and male grooming.