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Suki Waterhouse, Amber Le Bon, Soo Joo Park and Lea T Muse on Beauty and More

The Redken brand ambassadors sat down with WWD.

PARIS — One brand, four very different faces.

Redken ambassadors Suki Waterhouse, Soo Joo Park, Amber Le Bon and Leandra Medeiros Cerezo aka Lea T sat down individually with WWD to discuss their ambassadorships at the L’Oréal-owned hair-care label, beauty secrets and life.

British actress and model Suki Waterhouse fronted the launch of Redken Diamond Oil Glow Dry.

WWD: What is your beauty ritual?

Suki Waterhouse: I try to use a retinol cream twice a week, to keep away acne and scars and resurface the skin — maybe a glycolic peel patch — and vitamin C serum is my ultimate favorite. The best thing I use every night is something called Healgel, which is kind of like my secret weapon.

WWD: How do you exercise?

S.W.: I really like to do yoga and Pilates, and use a bicycle a lot, instead of being in the car. I think any time I can travel somewhere by myself on foot or on a bike I’m much happier. I’m much more rooted to the earth, and completing a journey by yourself, getting there yourself, I think makes humans happy.

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WWD: Do you have any beauty icons?

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S.W.: Angelina Jolie, Kate Moss, Brigitte Bardot, Audrey Hepburn and Jane Birkin.

WWD: Who are some of your fashion icons?

S.W.: Diane Keaton, people like Pattie Boyd or Marianne Faithfull. More recently people like Marion Cotillard or Lou Doillon, Jane Birkin’s daughter. She’s a big icon.

WWD: How would you describe your fashion style?

S.W.: I guess at heart I’m a tomboy, but I think being so exposed to fashion has made me curious. I really enjoy those moments where I get to dress up.

WWD: What’s your favorite item of clothing?

S.W.: I have a huge, massive knit jumper by J Brand that I always go back to.

WWD: Do you have a most-loved movie?

S.W.: “Girl, Interrupted” or “Léon: The Professional.”

WWD: Music group?

S.W.: Suzi Quatro.

WWD: Restaurant?

S.W.: In London I love going to E&O because it’s just full of sugar and rice.

WWD: Are you involved in any other projects outside of the ambassadorship?

S.W.: I am working on a movie set in the Sixties in London. I am going to play a famous pop star of the time.

WWD: What message would you like to give as a Redken ambassador?

S.W.: I think less is more. Stress less about the way you look and concentrate more on filling yourself up reading and watching things and meeting people, having experiences so you feel full-up as a human. [Figure out] what you stand for and who you are. You always have to focus on that. The other stuff is just for fun, extra.

Model Soo Joo Park was born in Seoul, moved to southern California at age 10 and New York four-and-a-half years ago. She is the face of the Redken Extreme Length line.

Lea T, Amber Le Bon and Soo Joo Park
Lea T, Amber Le Bon and Soo Joo Park Leslie Kirchhoff for Redken


WWD: When did you start bleaching your hair?

Soo Joo Park: Three-and-a-half years ago. It wasn’t that big of a deal because I had been wanting to bleach it for a long time. It was just a little bit of worry whether it could be done or not because back then it was rare to see an Asian with bleached hair. Initially, I went to Aura Friedman, and about two years ago I started going to Dhaniel Doud.

WWD: What’s your beauty ritual?

S.J.P.: I have a very intensive hair ritual. I wash my hair, like, once every three to four days, and in between I just use the [Redken] Pillow Proof Blow Dry shampoo. It builds texture as well as lessens the greasy look. When I wash my hair, I start with a shampoo, then I prime with the [Extreme Length Primer that] has biotin, rinse it and use conditioner. And then I do a hair mask with [Extreme Strength Builder Plus]. I put [Extreme Length Sealer] in.

As far as my skin care goes, I use Age Perfect from L’Oréal. I have the Cell Renewal oil and cream, and that helps with redness and puffiness, which is key when you are traveling and flying so much.

WWD: Do you have an exercise regimen?

S.J.P.: No. I should, though.

WWD: Outside of the ambassadorship are you working on any projects that you can discuss?

S.J.P.: I have been collaborating as a design consultant for a wearable technology line called Caeden, and besides that, modeling is a full-time job. I love music, so I’ve been kind of trying to focus more on that side, as well.

WWD: What groups do you adore?

S.J.P.: I listen to all kinds of music. At the moment I am listening to a lot of pop, but I have a pretty wide range of things [I like, such as] Tangerine Dream, Velvet Underground, David Bowie. I love post-punk. At the moment it’s a lot of hip-hop and pop music. I also love Serge Gainsbourg, some jazz like Chet Baker. It just kind of goes all over. That would be how I describe my style.

WWD: What inspires your style?

S.J.P.: I take inspirations from things I like. Sartorially or beauty-wise it’s not so much about what’s on trend. It is more about references that I find inspiring – from old magazines, old films, old bands, musicians. Just like that.

WWD: Who are some of your icons?

S.J.P.: I love Charlotte Rampling. I admire David Bowie, Debbie Harry. I also like Tina Chow; she’s supercool.

WWD: Do you have a favorite item of clothing?

S.J.P.: Not just one. It’s hard. I usually like comfortable stuff, like cashmere. Lately, it’s not about anything else but texture and [if I] like the quality of the textile. So it’s [about] nice silks and nice linens in summer.

WWD: To where would you like to travel?

S.J.P.: Bali.

WWD: As a Redken ambassador is there a message you’d like to impart?

S.J.P.: Beauty doesn’t have to be the dictionary definition. It could be something very unconventional, but with your confidence and power it can convey different ideals.

English model Amber Le Bon was the face of the Redken Sombre color story, which was released in September.

WWD: Outside of Redken, what’s your favorite beauty product?

Amber Le Bon: A MAC lip conditioner. I put it on superthick at night, and my lips are baby-soft when I wake up.

WWD: What’s your beauty ritual?

A.L.B.: I am very low-maintenance with my skin care, and I probably should be a bit more high-maintenance, especially since I am getting older now. In the morning I actually switched from using face creams to an oil. I use an Argan oil that I ship from Canada. It’s called Saadia Organics, and it’s cold-pressed by hand. It’s fantastic.

In the daytime I only wear a little bit of makeup. I use the Charlotte Tilbury retouch pens on top of the oil, so it kind of gives a really light coverage, and then Tom Ford’s contouring palette. I use the paler of the darker [shade] as a blusher and then bits of mascara.

WWD: What sort of exercise do you do?

A.L.B.: BalleCore, which is a mix of ballet, Pilates and yoga. By the end of it you are sweating, out of breath. It’s fantastic for toning and lengthening.

WWD: Who are some of your beauty and fashion icons?

A.L.B.: I get inspired by an era rather than any particular person. I love the old silver-screen stars, the Katharine Hepburns and Grace Kellys, and that kind of era in film, [with] the styling and the makeup, and just that sense of glamor. Like chilled out, laid-back but real subtle — an effortless glamour about everything. If it was a slouch, it was a beautiful slouch. And that inspires me indirectly. So I’m not walking around in Fifties dresses, but I love that sense of being and that sense of knowing yourself, I guess.

WWD: How would you describe your style?

A.L.B.: It is schizophrenic. That is the best way I can describe it. It changes from day-to-day. I’ll have days when I want to wear long dresses and almost be like a Victorian. I’ll wear high necks and have my hair all up. And then I’ll go through the rock-chic days with smoky dark eyes in the daytime, like too much makeup, but I want to wear grungy hair and it changes so much. It’s hysterical. It means my wardrobe is a nightmare because nothing goes [together].

WWD: What’s your number-one item of clothing?

A.L.B.: A Chanel bag, which I am lucky enough to have. I once actually lost it, and I was more upset about losing the bag than anything in it. But I was so lucky it got returned to me.

WWD: What’s your favorite book?

A.L.B.: “Lord of the Rings.” I’m a science-fiction fantasy geek, so I like magic worlds and escaping into different eras and times.

WWD: What’s your favorite band?

A.L.B.: This is hard. There is an English band called The Staves. They are three sisters who are folk singers, which kind of resonates with me because I have two sisters and we all sing.

WWD: What’s a dream travel destination?

A.L.B.: I’d love to go to Tokyo. I’m obsessed with Japanese culture and all things Japanese. I watch Japanese TV series with subtitles.

WWD: Outside of the Redken ambassadorship what are you working on?

A.L.B.: I am actually ambassador for Cîroc Vodka. I am like the Ibitha girl; they picked four places and they have an ambassador for each. [I raced] in India this November for the charity that I support, which is the Elephant Family, and so my mom [and I were] in a rickshaw for three days, [over] 500 kilometers. We are both petrolheads, so this is fantastic for both of us.

WWD: Might you want to launch your own beauty project?

A.L.B.: Maybe one day. I love beauty products. I love makeup. At one point I wanted to be a makeup artist. You never know what might happen. Maybe [sometime] a beauty company will say: Hey, do you want to do a capsule line with us? Yeah, actually I would love to do that. And then it could take me on to something else.

WWD: What message would you like to share as a Redken brand ambassador?

A.L.B.: We look the best when we are confident and happy, so the more optimistic you are, the more confident you are — in what you’re wearing and how you are looking — the more you can be comfortable and not care what people think. The more we can do that, the more we glow. The more self-confident we are, it rubs off on other people, which is a beautiful thing, as well. It’s the nicest feeling to affect someone else in a positive way.

Lea T is a Brazilian-born transgender model who fronted the launch of the Redken Frizz Dismiss collection and the brand’s Ultra Rich Professional hair-color shades.

WWD: What does this ambassadorship mean to you?

Lea T.: I’m really blessed with everything that is happening to me professionally and personally. I was like wow, someone believes in me — even if I’m that different.

WWD: Who are your beauty icons?

L.T.: I really like Patti Smith. I think she’s really beautiful. I really like Iman. She has an elegant beauty. Frida Kahlo, Yma Sumac and Marina Abramović. These are people who come to my mind right now. I think everybody is beautiful.

WWD: Whose fashion sense do you really admire?

L.T.: Anna Piaggi. I think she was really, really original in what she used to do. Ann Demeulemeester — for me, she’s so beautiful. Vivienne Westwood, she is the most beautiful, number-one. I would like to be like her when I am older.

WWD: How would you describe your fashion style?

L.T.: I used to wear a lot of Ann Demeulemeester and Vivienne [Westwood], too. I used to love Margiela, all the conceptual designers. Now I am much more organic. I try to use everything organic. Indigenous clothes I love are from Latin America, with long skirts and flat shoes.

WWD: What’s your favorite piece of clothing?

L.T.: A necklace from the Kaxinawa tribe in the Amazon, close to Peru. [It is for bringing] out all of your femininity. I use it for special moments, like when I’m praying or in a spiritual [time].

WWD: What’s your favorite band?

L.T.: I’ve changed a lot. Now I like much more shamanic music.

WWD: Where would you like to travel?

L.T.: I’m going to Machu Picchu, and I want to go to the Atacama Desert and the desert of Mexico. The world has many places I want to [visit].

WWD: Are you working on any other projects that you can discuss?

L.T.: No. I am a little bit out of the fashion business right now. I’m living in a really special place in the jungle in Brazil [called Alto Paraíso de Goiás]. It’s amazing — nature, animals, monkeys. I was feeling like I need to discover myself, my soul. I arrived there and after three days I was like, this is where I want to live. And I left my house in Milan.

WWD: What message would you like to impart as a Redken brand ambassador?

L.T.: I think the most important is to live in this world with respect and love. It’s the only thing we can do, to try to do it in the best possible way.