Lydia Sarfati built her 36-year-old spa skin-care business, Repêchage, on seaweed-centric products, but is venturing from marine life to the culinary world with her new launch, Sensory Fusions.

This month Sarfati is introducing the Repêchage Fusion Express Bar and Spa Masks, designed for professional salon and spa use, along with two new retail products, Fusion All Natural Face Moisturizer and Fusion All Natural Face and Body Wash.

Sensory Fusions incorporates organic, food-based ingredients and is touted as simple and effective, with overall hydrating and skin-enhancing qualities. After years of focusing research and development on high-tech actives, Sarfati envisioned a simpler approach to skin care that would be suitable for people of all ages. “The cosmetic industry [has been] so focused–as we were–on peptides and stem-cell research,” Sarfati told WWD. [We’re] going back to providing real, true skin care that’s kind, that everyone can enjoy.”

Repêchage is sold wholesale in the U.S. via its distributor, Cosmoprof. The Express Bar will begin selling wholesale this month to U.S. salons and spas for $150. It contains the ingredients and materials to custom-blend four different seaweed-based facial treatments, with each varietal containing a unique food-based ingredient blend touting skin-perfecting benefits.

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Sarfati was partially inspired to use indulgent-sounding ingredients like chocolate and vanilla by a recurring sentiment she overheard being expressed by guests she observed in hotel spas. “They would always say, ‘Oh, don’t you have a vacation facial?’”

The Vanillafina Fusion Mask, a blend of vanilla and pumpkin is an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory treatment targeted for acne-prone skin. The Matchafina Fusion Mask, comprised of antioxidant-rich matcha, is marketed as an antiaging treatment. The Berryfina Fusion Mask, comprised of a blend of blueberry, beet root and strawberry, is said to reduce oil and calm acne. The Chocofina Fusion Mask, made with chocolate, offers hydration and is said to promote cell turnover.

Industry sources estimate the Express Bar will generate $1 million wholesale in its first year on sale in the U.S. The second distribution channel later this year will be Asia, which is the largest market for Repechage.

At retail, the All Natural Face Moisturizer is a blend of coconut oil, aloe vera, chamomile, vanilla and rooibos tea. It is a basic moisturizer designed to be “coating” and “creamy.” The face and body wash is based in olive, coconut and palm oils and is scented with acai berry.

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