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Revolution Launches in Ulta in the U.S. and Priceline in Australia

The company says it will expect to double the size of its business in the next 18 months.

LONDON — Beauty brand Revolution is taking its global online success offline and expanding its presence in the U.S. and Australian markets. The brand is looking to emulate its successful retail strategy in the U.K. with Ulta in the U.S and Priceline in Australia.

“Most of our expansion has come by championing relationships with retailers, we’re not looking to sell in every retailer but just the best-in-class retailers and be able to test in those markets,” said Adam Minto, chief executive officer of Revolution.

According to Minto, the brand will be exceeding $500 million in retail sales across its four brand franchises, Revolution, Revolution Pro, iHeart and Revolution Skincare. It is expected to double the size of their business in the next 18 months. In the last three years, the brand has tripled the size of their business and Minto credits this to the price point and product range in both skin care and color cosmetics for the company’s success.

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Skin care is the fastest-growing part of Revolution. In a year’s time, Revolution has expanded its skin-care products from 25 to 180 stock-keeping units, with monthly product drops.

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As an online-first and direct-to-consumer business, pure data has been vital to the company’s ability to innovate quickly. Revolution can glean real-time trends and insights and see what their customers are searching for to inform their next product drops.

“In terms of how we make selections and what we put in stores, we have hard data from the consumer. What we then think about is maintaining their attention span through their purchasing or their search and working out what to select for discontinuation or what new products to bring in,” he said.

Like other indie beauty brands, they’re marketing products by their formulation and hero ingredients to democratize and allow its customers to personalize their skin care.

“We don’t talk about age or skin type, the lead ingredient is at the front of the pack, not on the back so it’s a pick-and-mix solution for the customer’s own skin-care type,” Minto said, adding that the company is launching in Ulta and Priceline with skin care.

Revolution expects that skin care will account for $100 million in retail sales by the end of 2020 with distribution across 60 countries including Germany, Holland, the Czech Republic and New Zealand.

“I see our growth model as very simple. Go in with a champion retailer and build one category then a second, third and fourth category together. Then work with retailer number two in some countries like the U.K. where we’ve recently expanded into Boots,” he said.