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Revolution Releases Skin-Care Line and 24-Shade Foundation Range

The brand is working on a new hair-care and fragrance range as part of its weekly drop model.

LONDON — Since 2013, the British brand Revolution has gaining traction in the beauty market with its affordable price points and weekly product launches. It has also taken a unique approach with deliveries and, most recently, has launched a skin-care line and a 24-shade foundation collection in sync with the brand’s cruelty-free ethos.

The skin-care line consists of a quinoa night peeling serum, a rosehip seed oil and a CBD oil with products ranging in price from six pounds to 10 pounds. The skin care is already the second-biggest category on the brand’s web site, according to the company, with an estimated sales projection of $100 million at retail by 2020.

After a string of requests to expand its Conceal & Define Concealer, Revolution launched its first liquid foundation within a 12-week period. According to chief executive officer Adam Minto, who has been in the makeup industry for 30 years, the concealer is a top seller in SuperDrug, with one selling every five seconds around the world.

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The Conceal & Define Foundation offers 24 shades that match to the corresponding concealers. “We are looking to add at least another 10 to 16 shades in the next three months,” added Minto in an interview.

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Revolution Conceal and Define Foundation
Revolution Conceal and Define Foundation Courtesy Photo

Speed to market is the pride of the brand. Revolution launches a new product every week, whether it is a better version of an existing product or a completely new vertical.

“Some things we can launch in a few weeks because of the robustness of our product, or as long as 18 months from conception to launch, if it is a new category like our skin-care range,” Minto said.

The brand, which is stocked in 55 countries, is set to generate $500 million in retail sales this year, with sales projected to be $1 billion by 2020. To reach this target, Revolution is continuing to expand its beauty portfolio. In the pipeline is a hair-care line, arriving in stores in October, fragrance and self-tanning collections.

The strategy is two-pronged: The brand sells direct-to-consumer through its own web site and partners exclusively with a “champion retailer” in each country where it sets up shops-in-shop, as opposed to a traditional beauty counter experience.

“The customer is looking to have a different experience in store now, and having shops-in-shop has been really instrumental in Superdrug and our other partner retailers in reinventing themselves. It has a massive knock-on effect for them,” Minto said.

For the four-year-old beauty brand, consumer feedback has been the key to its success and how Minto feels that all businesses should be run. “This should be the new normal. It allows us to be intelligent. We are the first to bring CBD oil into an affordable nature and because skin care has been the most requested category by our consumer, we created one,” he said.

The conversation goes two ways at Revolution with the company “very transparently” telling the customer what the ingredient are and the ingredient levels in the products, according to Minto.