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Rossano Ferretti Parma Launching on Net-a-porter

Sephora and Selfridges are to follow.

Rossano Ferretti wants to be where his clients are.

When the Italian hair maestro opened one of his self-named Hairspa locations in the Maldives, his reasoning was simple — “This is the most beautiful place in the world, all my clients go there,” he said with a shrug.

That same mentality is what drove Ferretti to expand his product line, which he had been selling exclusively in his own salons, to global distribution. The 15-item range, called Rossano Ferretti Parma, is to be launched on Net-a-porter this week, followed by Sephora on Feb. 21, and will enter Selfridges next month. Italy, France and Spain are to follow, with distribution in local retailers.

“We want to take care of our clients at home and everywhere,” said Ferretti, perched on a chair inside his Manhattan salon’s new location within the Fuller Building.

And he also wants to capture a new clientele — the beauty enthusiast who is shopping online.

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“There are people in the market who want the Rossano Ferretti experience,” said Ferretti. He has a point — Ferretti has developed a reputation as an exclusive hairstylist known for charging upwards of $1,000 for a cut using his self-designed scissors. Reportedly, his most well-known client is the Duchess of Cambridge. He won’t say.

Ferretti’s product experience began by consulting on lines for L’Oréal brands like Kérastase and Shu Uemura. But his own line is all him. “I wanted to create a new concept in terms of results and ingredients, packaging and scent,” said Ferretti.

The line is rooted in his green-is-good philosophy — it is made of natural ingredients and formulated without sulfates.

Aside from being natural and gentle, Ferretti says his products are effective on every hair type, a result he said was born out of years of testing his products at his salons around the world; his locations range from Beijing to Bangalore, Miami to Rome. “I changed my oil 11 times before it became the oil I wanted it to be,” said Ferretti.

Ferretti’s products are designed to keep hair as healthy as possible. Grandioso is a volumizing range, Prodigo is a regenerating line made of jojoba, avocado and sweet almond oil; Intenso was made for softening and smoothing and Splendido is for maintaining color-treated hair. Prices range from $39 for shampoo and conditioner $98 for a regenerating treatment mask.

He has an exacting viewpoint when it comes to design — the man even designs his own suits, which he has custom made by a tailor in Italy — and scent. Ferretti noted that he tapped an Italian perfumer to create the scent of his products.

Ferretti is also ramping up his salon business, moving his salon in Manhattan from the sixth to the 19th floor of the Fuller building (it has better light and better views, according to Ferretti), and opening new locations in Geneva, New Delhi, Singapore and Barcelona. But don’t expect an expansion explosion.

While Ferretti has a global vision for his product line, his salon strategy is to keep it small with a niche, specialized, exclusive experience. “It’s not about how many clients we can take in a day, but about how phenomenal the experience is for them,” said Ferretti, who noted he’ll cap the number of his salons at 25. The fleet is already upwards of 20.