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Salvatore Ferragamo Backstage Beauty Fall 2017

A handsome beauty inspired the look at Salvatore Ferragamo.

A fresh and natural-looking woman defined the makeup at Salvatore Ferragamo. “We’re trying to make models look the most beautiful and handsome they could possibly be,” said makeup artist Hannah Murray. The idea was a makeup you may see, but that still doesn’t look like makeup: “I love skin, so I want to see that skin.”

The focus was on the eyebrows. “I’m thickening them slightly, elongating them in a boyish shape,” explained Murray. Brows were defined by using a sculpt pencil, “but they’re still soft, nothing’s too hard about it.” A boyish tone was used around the eye, too, up to the brow and under the lower lashes, with a very soft, washed-out color.

Paint Pot in Groundwork was used on the paler models’ eyelids and a natural color on the others.

Skin was prepared by massaging it with essential oils, then Mineralize Charged Water Face and Body Lotion was applied.

A little contouring was done on the skin with a light and fresh base. Murray obtained a polished, finished look by using the new Fairy Precious Extra Dimensions blush by MAC Cosmetics.

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Lips were moisturized with a lip conditioner, then the lip color was toned down with Trend Forecast Lip palette fall 2017 in Life’s a Peach, which is a pale color. The end effect is a “creamy tonal look,” added Murray.

Nails had a cream tone, too.

Hairstylist James Pecis played on the contrast with Ferragamo’s collection for spring, when the hair look was softer. For fall the aim was to give it a stronger feeling. “This time we’re putting hair in a nice easy wave,” said Pecis, a sort of heavy movement obtained by using volumizer and cream.

Hair extensions were used in a few cases. Changes were generally not made to existing haircuts — which is a strong trend. “It would be a shame to take them away,” said Pecis.