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Sarah Jessica Parker Talks Aging

Skin care brand Roc has teamed up with Parker for a new campaign — and matching gift set.

More focused than ever, Roc Skincare is kicking off a new partnership as it doubles down on purpose.

The skin care brand has joined forces with Sarah Jessica Parker for the #LookForwardProject, meant to shift societal attitudes on aging. The initiative has several prongs — a campaign, a Parker-curated gift set and a charitable donation — and was born out of clinical research and women’s attitudes toward aging.

According to a study from the brand with more than 600 participants, 90 percent of women feel anxious about aging, the primary driver being appearance-related. 60 percent of women are worried about their appearance aging, while only 43 percent worry about amassing enough money to retire.

Parker does use Roc products, but even in the heyday of celebrity beauty plays, her interest doesn’t lie in the business, it’s about the message. “To me, it’s not the beauty space, it’s the conversation,” she told WWD.

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“The headline for me about this is that it’s trying to have a conversation about not covering things up, or not being apologetic about the passing of time,” Parker continued. “There’s a lot of opportunity to have color lines and be in the beauty space, but I’m less interested in that.”

All profits from Parker’s gift set, which includes products from Roc’s Hydrate + Plump range, will benefit the SeekHer foundation for the month of July. The foundation seeks to rewrite societal expectations of women of all ages, including aging.

“I liked this because it’s much more about how you feel your best, not the way other people think of you, but how you actually feel about yourself,” Parker said, also acknowledging appearance-based criticisms of both herself and her colleagues. “I’m not delusional that time keeps marching on. I look like I look, and I’m not willing to contribute a lot more than this. So let the chips fall where they may, and people can have their opinions.”

Parker isn’t the only partner for the initiative. Fernando Acosta, Roc Skincare’s chief executive officer, also joined forces with a range of doctors and researchers, such as Dr. Daisy Robinton, who holds a Ph.D. in human biology and translational medicine; Dr. Michelle Henry, board-certified dermatologist, and Dr. Deepika Chopra, PsyD, who specializes in optimism.

“There are three different angles: mental health, physical health, and linking optimism and longevity,” Acosta said. “I believe all brands need to play a role in the world to make it a better place. Optimism is going to be our avenue.”

The move comes on the heels of growth, both internationally and domestically. As reported by WWD, global sales were said to reach $150 million globally. “You have a choice to buy a brand that actually can make a difference,” Acosta said of the initiative. “Purpose specifically drives brand awareness, because more people talk about it, and we can link that to loyalty.”


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