NEW YORK — Starting next fall, the phrase “oo-la-la” is expected to mean more than commercials for Sasson jeans. It will also be the name of a new women’s fragrance.

Sasson Licensing Corp., the holding company for the Sasson label, has obtained the Oo-La-La trademark for an undisclosed amount from a subsidiary of Siga Designs.

Siga recently purchased the trademark rights from Key West Fragrances, a Key West, Fla., company that previously distributed a line of Oo-La-La fragrances and body lotions throughout the U.S. and Canada for several years, according to Sasson executives. The Key West products will be discontinued. “We’ve seen fragrance as an appealing and logical category for us to get into for some time,” said Stephen Wayne, exclusive licensing agent and chief operating officer for Sasson Licensing Corp.

Wayne said Sasson obtained the Oo-La-La trademark for the U.S. and Canada and discounted any difficulties the company would have with Loris Azzaro’s Oh La La scent, which was launched in Europe in October.

“I couldn’t say for sure,” Wayne said. “But I think they will have a problem launching Oh La La in the U.S.”

Reached in Paris, Franck Experton, president of Loris Azzaro, said the firm got the international rights, including the U.S., in June and plans to launch Oh La La in America this fall.

“We are absolutely certain that we are in the right,” he said.

Wayne said he is talking to firms about manufacturing the scent, while Sasson does the marketing.

The firm hopes to launch the scent next fall in the 7,000 stores where Sasson apparel and accessories are sold. These include mass merchandisers and discounters such as Kmart, Target, Caldor, Sears and J.C. Penney.

Prices will be kept in the $15 to $17 range, Wayne said, projecting a wholesale volume of $15 million for the launch period.

Sasson Licensing is planning to back the brand with $1 million in advertising in a print campaign that will break during the fourth quarter, he said. Wayne said the company is also planning to launch a men’s scent in 1995, as well as women’s gift sets and bath products.