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Scent Invent Launches Fragrance Primer, Plans Serum Perfumes

The company operates as both a B2C and B2B operation, with plans to license its technology to other companies.

Scent Invent Technologies is aiming to shake up the perfume world.

The company is behind fragrance primer Linger, and has an Indiegogo campaign set up to fund the launch of Linger Pure Parfum Serum which, as the name suggests, is perfume in serum form. Scent Invent launched Linger with HSN in November, on its web site in December and is in discussions to launch with retail partners.

To use Linger, which is a milky-white liquid housed in a fragrance bottle, one sprays it on and spreads it over the skin before perfume application. The $32.50 formula is patent-pending and is oil-, fragrance- and alcohol-free. Linger’s technology aims to use a matrix of polymers to create an invisible shield that holds scent on the skin for longer.

“We’re here to reinvent scent, we’re here to change the textures, we’re here to change the delivery, we’re here to change the way the aroma performs, we’re here to change the way you shop fragrance, especially in the digital space,” said Scent Invent cofounder Caroline Fabrigas. Fabrigas is a beauty industry veteran with experience at Clarins, Lancôme, Prada and Chanel, while Scent Invent cofounder Abby Wallach has worked in trend-spotting and cofounded Beauty Stranger TV.

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Aside from selling its products to consumers, Scent Invent operates a business-to-business segment that allows other companies to license their intellectual property for private labeling. B2B services, including products, packaging, delivery and outreach, are part of Fabrigas and Wallach’s plan to orchestrate a larger shift in the fragrance industry, which has been experiencing slower growth than makeup and skin care. Scent Invent is currently in discussions with multiple companies to license or create private-label products, according to the founding duo.

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“Our whole idea is to innovate, create, to change the way consumers use, love and wear fragrance,” said Wallach. “Our hope is that we can launch new inventions into the market on a timely basis so that we’ll accomplish those goals and share that wealth of knowledge and [intellectual property] with the industry.”

Scent Invent has plans to launch Linger Pure Parfum Serum before holiday. The company aims to bring in $45,000 through the Indiegogo campaign to introduce a serum collection that connects color, mood and emotion. Linger Pure Parfum Serum has an 18 percent fragrance load and is delivered through a pinpoint application tube.

“From a B2B standpoint, this could be in a rollerball, a dabber stick, a blotter — there are many formats the serum could be taken into,” Fabrigas said. “I’m from skin care, so I thought the pinpointed application added to the sensory [experience].”

Scent Invent is advised by a board of beauty industry veterans that includes Pamela Baxter and Cathy O’Brien, cofounders of Bona Fide Beauty Lab; Virginia Bonofiglio, associate chairperson of cosmetics and fragrance marketing at the Fashion Institute of Technology; Lois Herzeca, cochair of Gibson Dunn’s fashion, retail and consumer products practice; Debbie Murtha, former senior vice president and general merchandise manager for cosmetics and fragrance at Macy’s Merchandising Group, and Claudia Lucas, former merchandise director of beauty for QVC.

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