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Scentbird Spreads Its Wings With Personal-Care Launch

With deep insights into its consumer base, Scentbird executives feel confident in selecting fragrances for its namesake personal-care collection.

Scentbird is spreading beyond its fragrance-sampling roots.

This month, the digital subscription service revealed a line of personal-care and home fragrance items including hand creams and shower products.

To overcome challenges inherent in buying without sniffing, the scents were developed based on consumer insights gleaned from its subscription membership.

“Since the very inception of Scentbird, we have been dreaming of creating our very own line of scents,” said Mariya Nurislamova, chief executive officer and cofounder of Scentbird. “Over the past few years, we have gotten to know the Scentbird consumer quite intimately — everything from what makes them love one scent and hate another, to what trends inspire them or turn them off completely.” Through customer feedback and insights, Scentbird has taken that knowledge and bottled it up, very literally.”

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The first line of products features six cruelty-free hand creams formulated with moisture-rich vitamins, essential oils and real fruit extracts. The Scentbird Hand Creams are formulated to quickly absorb into the skin leaving no residue or tackiness. The scents include Rose & Prosecco, Cucumber & Lotus White Tea & Fig, Earl Grey & Blackberry, Pineapple & White Amber and Yuzu & Ginger. There are also four shower products featuring natural exfoliants such as ground coconut shells and organic red rice. The namesake personal-care items can be ordered as part of an existing subscription (a 30-day supply of designer fragrances costs $14.95) or purchased à la carte for $16.50 for hand creams and $18 for body scrubs.

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“With the Scentbird Hand Cream Collection and the Scentbird Shower Collection, we wanted to create products that came full circle and by weaving in the different scents, textures and formulations with the clean packaging and cheeky design details, we were able to lay down the foundation that not only spoke to us but our consumers as well,” said Scentbird’s director of product innovation, Kim-Davy Hoeu.

In the past 12 months, Scentbird’s efforts to expand into a one-stop resource has helped to double its subscriber base.

Scentbird Extends Into Personal Care
Deck of Scarlet new single shadows.

Simultaneously, Scentbird’s sister company Deck of Scarlet, is also rolling out new eyeshadow singles named after popular beauty influencers on YouTube and Instagram. The makeup brand specializes in full-face palettes but wanted to give consumers additional options. Influencers play a major role in product creation but this collaboration is an opportunity to honor the relationships they have built in the influencer community.

Both moves are extensions of the company’s efforts to broaden its scope and formulate its own products. And with the new launches, Scentbird and Deck of Scarlet have opportunities to build an audience reach of its subscription-based model. The company promises more extensions are in the pipeline in additional makeup and home fragrance categories.