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Let’s Hear It for the Boys: Scotch Porter Expands Into Body Care

Calvin Quallis is building out a men's full grooming assortment to augment his brand's signature beard products. Masculine wipes are among the newest launches.

Calvin Quallis, who left his barbershop two years ago to launch a men’s grooming line called Scotch Porter, is giving equal time to men’s hygiene. While there is a rush to launch products for women feminine needs, men’s nether regions have been somewhat overlooked. To remedy that, Quallis, added Fresh Meat Masculine Wipes to his new Scotch Porter Mineral Enriched Body Collection.

The flushable wipes are promoted with a saucy video — with more than 80,000 views — discussing male hygiene and telling men “it’s time to realize our problem has a solution. This is a product for your balls and damn they deserve it. It’s time to give your meat a special treat.”

Quallis, who serves as chief executive officer of the company, added the wipes were created to give men an option beyond baby wipes. “Who wants to smell like a baby. We added botanicals and herbs that are perfect for sensitive areas,” he said.

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In addition to the Fresh Meat Masculine Wipes, the lineup includes Mineral & Botanical Enriched Refreshing Body Bar; Mineral Enriched Exfoliating Body Scrub, and Mineral Enriched Hydro-Defense Body Lotion. Prices range from $14 to $20 and are available at 75 high-end salons, Amazon, and Scotch Porter’s web site. To sample and introduce the products, Scotch Porter staged a pop-up SP Workout Series on Tuesday.

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“We are now a full men’s grooming care lineup,” Quallis said who thinks the newest addition could eclipse sales of existing items. “Not everyone has a beard and not everyone shaves…but we hope everyone bathes,” he said. He believes the body wash will be the quickest seller and the entry point to exposure to the full range. Quallis said company sales grew 200 percent this year over last year as the brand expands in items and doors.

The new body collection is fortified with a fermented, bioactive mineral complex of copper, zinc, iron, silicon and magnesium to condition and strengthen the skin. “Plenty of men think skin care is only needed when they have specific skin issues, like acne, wrinkles, redness or dark marks. However, a really good daily skin-care routine helps to prevent most of these skin issues in the first place, and your body and skin deserve products that leave it exfoliated and moisturized,” Quallis said.

The products also help Scotch Porter evolve beyond its original lineup focused on beard care. Quallis said the beard category is now about 40 percent of sales, versus 70 percent to 80 percent two years ago. “Beard care is still a great category, but we have seen a shift in terms of our sales. “We notice a lot of our customers are into health and wellness and are working out. Our line is perfect for after working out and getting rid of sweat…and funk.” Within the next year, Scotch Porter will debut more body products including a CBD option.