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Searches for Refillable Deodorant, Perfume and Shampoo Are Rising

While not yet mainstream, searches for refillable beauty products are climbing, new data from Spate shows.

Refillables are on the rise. 

According to data from Spate, searches for deodorant alongside “refillable” are at a monthly volume of 12,890 in the U.S, a 32 percent year-over-year increase. 

Dove is the most-searched deodorant brand alongside “refillable,” garnering over 9,300 searches per month, while Secret, Old Spice and natural deodorant brand Native follow suit, albeit with significantly lower average search volumes. 

Searches for refillable perfumes have seen the most significant year-over-year growth, increasing by 60.7 percent, with brands such as Mugler, Boucheron and Chanel seeing the most traction. 

More niche are searches for refillable razors and candles, although when the former do appear, it is often alongside shaving brand Schick.   

Searches for refillable shampoo, soap and conditioner have seen respective year-over-year increases of eight percent, 22 percent and 21 percent. 

Here, the top product formats searched alongside “refillable,” as well as their average monthly search volume in the U.S., per Spate.

  1. Deodorant: 12,890
  2. Perfume: 4,160
  3. Shampoo: 2,840
  4. Soap: 1,100
  5. Conditioner: 960
  6. Floss: 520
  7. Palette: 350 
  8. Lipstick: 220
  9. Razor: 90
  10. Candle: 70