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Shop Girls of Sephora

Beautiful eyes speak a universal language.

Name: Prescilia Graccda
Age: 21
Location: Paris
In-store beauty look: “In general, it’s natural,” says Graccda, adding she frequently wears Sephora-branded lipstick, often in a fuchsia hue.
Beauty inspiration: “Fred Farrugia.” She calls the makeup artist’s signature color cosmetics collection “simple, playful and practical,” and its textures “fantastic and innovative.”


—Jennifer Weil


Next: Rachel Soroa in New York >>

Name: Rachel Soroa
Age: 22
Location: New York
In-store beauty look: “My style is natural and elegant. Makeup should reflect a confident woman.”
Beauty inspiration: “Marilyn Monroe. I love a flawless complexion with emphasis on the eyes. If you have confidence, you can pull off any look, from day to night.”

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—Belisa Silva


Next: Miu Miu in Hong Kong >>

Name: Miu Miu
Age: 22
Location: Hong Kong
In-store beauty look: “I like a ‘cute’ look, and I use the same makeup whether I am in the store or out for a party. I always emphasize the eyes because when people communicate, they look at the eyes first. So I want them to sparkle.”
Beauty inspiration: “I watch fashion TV a lot, and I read all of the fashion magazines, especially the Japanese ones. This is what all of the staff here do. We all read everything and know all the models.”


—Constance Haisma-Kwok


Next: Brenda Morales in Los Angeles >>

Name: Brenda Morales
Age: 24
Location: Los Angeles
In-store beauty look: “It is a colorful, smoky eye. It isn’t your traditional black and white. I like it because you can wear it day and night. It adds more color to your life. It’s not so plain.”
Beauty inspiration: “I always like the glamorous, very elegant look that’s towards Marilyn Monroe. I like a red lip. It could be paired with a natural eye or a traditional smoky eye.”

—Rachel Brown