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Shopper Stalker: Philadelphia

Who’s buying what—and why.

Shopper: Kelly Burke, 21
Date/Time: 3.18.2011, 12:37 p.m.
Store: Bluemercury
Location: 3603 Walnut Street
What’s in Kelly’s Bag:
Kelly Burke, 21, a sociology student at the University of Pennsylvania, visited Bluemercury on an unseasonably warm Friday afternoon for a new cleanser and bronzer. A member of UPenn’s rowing team, Burke used her class- free day for some beauty shopping. “I love the brands here,” says Burke, who spent $145.80 on this trip. “I can’t go in without buying something.” During her half hour in the store, Burke was given a makeup tutorial by a beauty adviser who spotted her testing bronzers. That five-minute makeover prompted her to buy Laura Mercier’s Bronzing Pressed Powder and Foundation Primer. “I wasn’t planning on the primer, but I liked how it smoothed my skin,” she says. With frequent practices, Burke is drawn to products that absorb oil and provide waterproof coverage. “I wash my face at least three times a day, so I need something gentle but effective at preventing breakouts,” she says, describing her beauty routine as “on-the-go.”

Shopper: Dana Michael, 30
Date/Time: 3.18.2011, 2:30 p.m.
Store: Rite Aid Pharmacy
Location: 1628-36 Chestnut Street
What’s in Dana’s Bag:
After accidentally locking herself out of her house, waitress and part-time actress Dana Michael, 30, ran to her local Rite Aid to pick up a batch of non bank-breaking beauty essentials for a 4 p.m. business meeting. “I didn’t want to spend too much cash, since I already have tons of products,” says Michael, who names Smashbox, MAC, Neutrogena, Big Sexy Hair and MaxClarity as her favorite beauty brands. On this sunny afternoon, Michael spent $36.59 during her 15-minute drugstore run. “I’ve used these brands before, so there was no guess work,” she says. “I wanted to run in and run out.” Michael, who has appeared as a makeup artist on the soap opera As the World Turns, described herself as a beauty lover who knows what works for her. “I’ve picked up beauty tricks from the [entertainment] industry,” says Michael, who is filming a comedy, Mancation, with Wonder Years actress Danica McKellar and ‘N Syncer Joey Fatone. “Two things I’ve learned are the importance of primer and filling brows to finish the face.”

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