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Skin Care Brand RéVive Said to Be Mulling Deal Options

It has tapped investment bank JP Morgan, sources said.

RéVive has been evaluating its deal options, according to industry sources.

The skin care brand, which just celebrated its 25th year, has been working with investment bank JP Morgan to consider a deal and is said to have a few interested parties based in Asia, sources confirmed, noting that the brand has around $30 million in sales and earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization of around $3 million. RéVive did not respond to request for comment and JP Morgan declined to comment.

The brand was founded in the ’90s by Greg Brown, a Louisville, Kentucky-based plastic surgeon who was studying the impact of epidermal growth factor in the healing of burned skin, and William Rutter, the founder of Chiron Corp., an early player in biotechnology.

It began life with a single product with star ingredient EGF, but since then, RéVive has grown into a leading player in the luxury skin care sector and changed hands a few times.

In 2008, it was acquired by Gurwitch Products, then a division of Alitcor, which included Laura Mercier, and in 2016, Shiseido acquired both brands. Then, around five years ago, Tengram Capital Partners bought the business from Shiseido, and Brown, too, reinvested in the brand, while industry veteran Elana Drell-Szyfer became chief executive officer.

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“RéVive is really a brand as opposed to being an item business. There are a lot of successful brands out there, but when you start to dissect them, they may have a bunch of products, but they are really only known for two or three. This is very complete — there is a founder story, a proprietary science story, multiple bestsellers and hero franchises,” Drell-Szyfer said in a recent interview with WWD’s Beauty Inc. “The brand is well constructed. It doesn’t do well in just one category — our top 10 sellers are comprised of all different kinds of categories. All of those things play into why they brand has really survived.”