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Skin Laundry Partners With Nordstrom

The skin-care and spa service brand will offer its full-service menu starting at the retailer’s location at The Grove.

Skin Laundry is expanding its retail partnerships.

Starting Oct. 10, the skin-care and spa service brand known for offering laser treatments at an affordable price is partnering with Nordstrom at the retailer’s location at The Grove and at its Oakbrook, Ill. location in November. The brand will operate out of two service rooms with all three of its facial treatments and offer its full product range for purchase.

“When I look at retailers to partner with, I look at location, demographics and the partner itself,” said Yen Reis, founder of Skin Laundry. “As lasers grow in popularity, we have great opportunities to work with great retailers, so for me it’s about the right partnership and we want to work with someone like Nordstrom that supports our brand and markets what we do.”

This is the sixth retail partner for the brand. It offers treatments at Lane Crawford in Hong Kong and sells its full product range at Harvey Nichols in the U.K. Skin Laundry previously partnered with Ulta Beauty and will no longer offer treatments at the retailer by the end of the month. The brand also sells its products at Sephora and Cult Beauty.

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Skin Laundry is also continuing the expansion of its own brick-and-mortar stores. The brand operates 12 stores in the U.S., specifically in California, New York and Arizona, and globally in Hong Kong. Reis stated she is opening three more locations in Los Angeles by the end of the year and has three locations slated to open in Miami in the first quarter next year. Through its partnership with Nordstrom and its continued brick-and-mortar expansion, the brand is trying to hit $20 million in sales this year and $30 million next year.

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“I just want to make lasers more accessible and safe to market,” Reis said on her brand mission. “What I’m doing is not about introducing 1,000 lasers to make money, but it’s about introducing safe, effective and tested treatments that work. Lasers can be dangerous if you don’t understand them.”

Later this year, Skin Laundry is launching its Rx program where the brand matches its customers with a group of doctors in order to receive prescription topical treatments for skin-care issues, like acne or scars. The program is meant to give customers an easier way to get medical grade treatments at a lower price. Reis is beta-testing the program in California and will fully launch the program in 22 states in the first quarter next year.

“Skin Laundry is a medical company. We don’t look or act like one because we try to bridge the gap between medical and beauty and make it more accessible,” she continued. “We can customize [treatments] to customers and match them with a doctor that will use tele-medicine to track their progress.”

After solely offering one laser and light therapy treatment since launching in 2013, Skin Laundry has expanded into three facial treatments, the original Laser & Light Facial, the Carbon Peel Facial and the Ultra Fractional Facial, which launched in August. The three facials are meant to offer customers varying degrees of intensity based on their skin-care issues and concerns. The treatments range in price from $75 to $250 and will all be available at Nordstrom.