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Skin Care Device Line Droplette Raises $15M

Droplette's team aims to bring pharma "rigor" into skin care.

Skin care device business Droplette has raised a $15 million round. 

The business, founded by Madhavi Gavini and Rathi Srinivas, makes a device that sprays out small mist drops that are meant to better penetrate the skin.

According to Gavini, the device contains a component contained in humidifiers to make the mist, as well as a membrane pump to accelerate the droplets, which are meant to break up into smaller droplets when they hit the skin. 

The duo launched Droplette in late 2020, and this year have sold more than 1 million capsules, Srinivas said.

Droplette’s capsules are meant to target common skin concerns, and contain collagen, retinol and glycolic acid. Next year, the business will expand to offer capsules meant to treat redness and hyperpigmentation, too, Srinivas said.

Gavini and Srinivas each have backgrounds in biotechnology at pharmaceutical companies, and are aiming to bring some of that specificity into the skin care realm. 

“One thing we realized coming into the consumer skin care side of the game is that it’s really not quite the same thing — if you think about a pump bottle or eye dropper, they’ll tell you to use one or two pumps or a few drops, but that’s not standardized,” Srinivas said. Droplette’s devices allow a specific amount of product to come through, and have patents for the core delivery technology and the way the product capsule fits into the device, she noted. “It doesn’t get degraded by light or air,” Srinivas said.

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With the fundraise, Droplette’s team plans to automate the manufacturing process, using robots to make and seal the capsules. The team is “trying to bring some of that pharma rigor into skin care,” Srinivas added. 

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