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Slip Launches Mass Diffusion Line for Silk Pillowcases

The Hollywood Silk Solution is one side silk and one side cotton.

Half the product, half the price.

Silk pillowcase brand Slip is responding to its most frequent customer demand for a less expensive version of the product it sells at prestige retailers. Slip founder Fiona Stewart’s solution: A new pillowcase designed with one side made of Slip’s proprietary silk material and plain cotton on the other.

The new pillowcases are being marketed under a separate brand, The Hollywood Silk Solution, and will retail for $45 — almost half of what it costs to buy a $79 Slip pillowcase. Launching later this month on, they are available in three of Slip’s signature colors — white, pink and caramel.

“There’s a real need for this — since we launched in the U.S. there’s been a few silk pillowcase brands come on the [mass] market but they’re not shiny and soft,” said Stewart. The cotton back obviously allows The Hollywood Silk Solution to spend less on materials, hence the lower-priced pillowcase. But one side of the pillow is the exact same as a regular Slip pillowcase. “You’ve got all the beauty benefits, but it’s more affordable.”

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She noted that the brand is not in other retailers yet this year, but she ticked off Ulta Beauty, Target and Kohl’s as examples of where she’d like to see the brand being sold. Slip is currently sold at Sephora, Net-a-porter, Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordstrom, Bloomingdale’s, QVC and Cos Bar, among others. A king-size pillowcase retails for $99 — the queen is $79 — and sleep masks are priced at $45. The Hollywood Silk Solution will only be available in queen size. Both Slip and The Hollywood Silk Solution are designed with Slip’s proprietary silk technology called Slipsilk, which is said to contain the most pure, soft, high-quality silk on the market.

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Slip positions its products as a preventative item for beauty woes such as wrinkles and frizzy hair. According to Stewart, cotton sucks the moisture out of skin and hair, and the friction it generates can lead to long-term damage in both. She launched in Australia in 2004 and the brand was launched in the U.S. in 2015. It is also in Hong Kong, but Stewart plans to expand to Europe, the U.K. and Dubai this year. Stewart declined to discuss the financials, but an industry source with knowledge of Slip estimates it did between $20 to $30 million in sales last year.

The Hollywood Silk Solution will be a U.S.-only brand for now. “Slip is everywhere in Australia, and we don’t want to [cannibalize sales],” said Stewart of her decision not to launch in her home country.

She is also drawing on the glamorous Hollywood connection to market the new line here.

“We’re positioning it like Hollywood — movie stars, Marilyn Monroe used to sleep on silk,” said Stewart. “It’s a forgotten beauty secret rediscovered.”