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NEW YORK — Grant Berry, the creator of Styli-Style, is thinking small.

No, he’s not planning on miniscule sales increases. Rather, his products are being designed to create a cute quotient. “Minis are in,” said Berry, showing off his latest item, Ink Pots.

Taking a cue from everything tiny — from iPods to cars — the Ink Pots are 4.5-oz. pots of eyeliner. They may be small, but they are potent. According to Berry, the formula is designed to last up to 24 hours. Ink Pots are available in brown and black and retail for $6.50. They join Kajal, a minibullet eyeliner also offered by Styli-Style.

Berry, who hit upon a unique item last year with Flat Pencil, a flat eye- and lipliner, has not only been downsizing products, he’s also getting inspiration from art supply stores: The pots look like inkwells.

Another item takes its cue from crafts, Lip Stains, which resembles a highlighting marker. The stains are available in six colors and promise to last for eight hours. Also priced at $6.50, Lip Stains can be worn alone or under a lip color. A special introductory display allows for the Ink Pots to be merchandised stacked on top of the stains.

“The lip products should do very well,” said a buyer for a chain that stocks Styli-Style. “Lips are hot now.” The buyer also likes the brand’s fixtures, which “are not typical of mass market.”

Berry is also relaunching Line and Seal, a lip product that “sets” lip color for long wear. “This is part of our L3 products which are long-wearing. Line and Seal will be relaunched with a 24-hour claim. Today, formula is the name of the game,” added Berry.

With small, but unique, launches, he is adding to his item count with a goal of wall space. CVS, Harmon, Longs and Duane Reade are among the chains carrying Styli-Style on a permanent basis.

Retailers agreed that clever packaging and new colors used to be enough to lure shoppers. Now, educated consumers demand products deliver more. Industry sources estimate Styli-Style’s unique products will help nudge the company from sales of about $12 million to more than $16 million in 2005.

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Styli-Style is also sold in beauty supply stores. “We don’t want to be in every drug chain or every store within a chain. We want to add exclusivity to a store,” said Berry.


Town and Country Apothecary in Ridgewood, N.J. might be just a one-store operation, but that doesn’t stop it from being a force in the beauty business. Last Saturday, hundreds of shoppers came to the store to be pampered by beauty care experts from Phyto, Get Fresh and Paula Dorf. Dorf personally attended the event to oversee more than 50 makeovers.

“I hate to see people not wearing makeup,” said Dorf. “That’s why we have our makeup artists do half of the face and the customer learns how to do the other half herself. A percentage of purchases were donated to Gilda’s Club of New Jersey of which Dorf is a board member. Baskets, donated by companies including Lancôme and Darphin, were auctioned off with the proceeds also going to the local club located in Hackensack, N.J.

Town and Country is also planning a major renovation of the store to include more space for beauty. Diana Dolling-Ross, who heads up the department, plans to add an area for facials and other services, as well as expand the premium accessories stocked in the store, including candles, ponchos and handbags. Town and Country sells premium brands including Estée Lauder and La Mer.

The store appeals to the well-heeled clientele in this upscale New Jersey town. Although several shopping malls are minutes away, consumers prefer the convenience of the downtown locale, said Dolling-Ross.