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Supplement Brand Lyma Launches At-Home Laser

The wellness company makes its first foray into the skin-care category.

Supplement brand Lyma has entered phase two with the launch of its at-home laser system.

Since the brand’s 2018 founding, it had only released its hero supplement: a monthly nutraceutical, which is reformulated on an annual basis. This fall, the business will expand into the skin-care category, among the most resilient in the beauty market for 2020, according to the NPD Group.

The Lyma Laser, which comes in a starter kit with Priming Serum and Active Mist, launches this month on the brand’s direct-to-consumer platform for $2,499. The brand’s serum and mist are available as a bundled subscription for $149 a month. Industry sources predict it will do 24 million pounds, or about $31 million, in the first 12 months of sales. The product already had 1 million pounds in pre-orders from the brand’s web site, sources said.

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Lyma said the laser is safe for at-home use, even around the eye area, thanks to the refractive lenses that render the laser heatless. “The patented, ultra-diffuse lenses make the laser totally safe to use at home,” said Lucy Goff, founder of Lyma. “You can’t damage your skin. You can use it on the skin of all ages. You can use it on kids, you can use it on adults, and you can use it on every single skin tone. It’s not damaging to skin in any way that the other treatments could be,” she said. “This is a technology that’s already been used in the medical world for wound healing.”

The laser features several different wavelengths, and is said to have myriad benefits for acne, rosacea, scarring and anti-aging. It features both an infrared laser and blue LED technology.

The brand’s priming serum and active mist, respectively, are meant to amplify the laser’s efficacy, thanks to their ingredient lineups, which each feature stabilized oxygen. The serum also features stem cells from Japanese orchid.

The launch of the brand’s laser fits with Lyma’s overall expansion strategy, which is to release only one product per category at a time. Goff predicts that the laser will become the brand’s hero product. “From a sales point of view, beauty is always the golden nugget,” she said. Goff mentioned the serendipitous timing, with many consumers looking for in-office treatment alternatives while in quarantine at home.

As for whether the brand has more product launches in the next year, Goff said to expect more down the line. “We do have plans to expand, but it will only be another category disrupting product and it will only ever be one product within that category that is then updated on an annual basis,” she said.

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