NEW YORK — Sutton Pina Associates is hoping to inject some spirituality into the mass fragrance market.

The company is planning to extend its two-month-old Zenue shower and skin care line with a new women’s fragrance called Frederique by Zenue. According to company executives, Zenue is a play on the words “new Zen.”

The Frederique part of the fragrance’s name comes from the model who is best known for her regular appearances in the Victoria’s Secret catalog and on magazine covers.

Frederique, known professionally by only that name, will promote the new fragrance by appearing in the TV and print ads. She also has started appearing in ads for the skin and body line that broke last month.

Both the 15-item Zenue collection of skin, body and hair products and the fragrance are aimed at women aged 18 to 29.

“When we launched the [Zenue] line, we felt that there was an opportunity in the market with this age group,” said David Pina, co-chairman and director of creative services at Sutton Pina, which markets, distributes and sells the Zenue body and bath line and the Frederique by Zenue scent. “Here was a segment that was really being ignored.”

Both lines are manufactured by Hydrotech, a lab facility in Des Plaines, Ill. The tag line for Zenue is: “The Balance of Body, Mind and Spirit.” Frederique’s slogan will be: “The Spirit of a Woman.”

The fragrance utilizes a technology called Enfleurage 2000, a technique that purports to replicate the scent of living flowers.

It will be available in three cologne sprays — a 0.5-oz. for $14, a 1-oz. for $20 and a 2-oz. for $26. A quarter-ounce sample size at $4.95 will be on counter in August.

“We saw that companies such as Naturistics were extending their bath lines into body sprays and fragrances,” Pina said. “We chose Frederique because we felt that a supermodel would add glamour and lend upscale quality to the fragrance.”

Industry sources estimated that Frederique would have a wholesale volume of $2.5 million for the fourth quarter this year. The original Zenue line is projected to have a wholesale volume of $5 million this year.

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The company will support the launch with $1 million in print advertising that will break in September and run through the fourth quarter, according to Theresa Sutton Fryback, co-chairwoman and director of marketing for Sutton Pina.

The company is spending an additional $1 million in print from June through December on the Zenue campaign.

Both the bath line and the fragrance will have about a total of another $1 million for their own TV campaigns, which will begin sometime before the Christmas selling season, Fryback said.

Fryback characterizes the new woman’s scent, which was created by Givaudan Roure, as a transparent floral. Its notes include iris, mimosa, freesia and jasmine, which dry down to a base of amber, dry woods and tuberose. “We were looking to do a mass market fragrance with the same type of complexity as a prestige scent,” Fryback said. “It is a modern take on a classic floral.”

The packaging was also created to echo department store scents, Fryback added. The bottle is frosted glass with a brushed silver cap and the outer packaging is a cylinder.