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Taking the Confusion Out of CBD

Standard Dose is getting clear on CBD via curation, education and experience.

Standard Dose founder and chief executive officer Anthony Saniger is aiming to take the confusion out of CBD.

Saniger was a stressed-out brand consultant when he started researching CBD as a component in an overall health and beauty routine.

He wasn’t alone in his stress and anxiety — he’s part of an anxious generation. “One in three Millennials suffer from anxiety, and one in five adults say they’re debilitated by anxiety,” said Saniger. “They’re searching for natural, effective solutions and they’re flipping over product labels to see what chemicals are in their products.”

An anxiety-prone, chronic-stress-riddled generation of consumers who are more conscious than ever of the ingredients going into their products is what Saniger believes helped jump-start the CBD craze. He started hearing about the ingredient from brands, who wanted to formulate new beauty and wellness products with it.

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“CBD was popping up everywhere, popping up in every bodega, every store,” said Saniger. “We see that this is going to be a $20 billion market by 2024, and that it will be infiltrating beauty, health and wellness, impacting fitness body and mind, and that it will be in preventative nutritional supplements. As we look at beauty, it’s not about the product you’re putting on your face, but the overall wellness a consumer has.”

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There was just one problem — after a year of research, Saniger found he still didn’t fully understand what CBD is or what its benefits are, and if couldn’t understand it, he knew consumers had to be confused, too. “Is this going to get me high? What is CBD? What is THC? Can I trust what I see on the label? Do you actually have CBD in the product? Is it hemp seed oil? What is hemp seed oil? Do we have an endocannabinoid system? These were the questions I kept getting asked by consumers.”

Enter Standard Dose, Saniger’s luxury CBD platform, which includes e-commerce and a brick-and-mortar location opened this month in New York’s Nomad. The idea, said Saniger, was to create a platform that would look like any other luxury brand, but just so happened to be centered around CBD.

“I took a step back and said, let’s start a platform where we could curate the best products on the market, make sure consumers can trust these products, and focus on overall plant-based wellness, and that impacts beauty and internal health,” said Saniger.

Standard Dose is built on three core pillars — education, curation and experience. Standard Dose’s e-commerce site, which sells both ingestibles and topical beauty and wellness products, has a CBD education vertical, where consumers can go to read up on the latest research on CBD as it becomes available. Curation is also key — Saniger sends a product from each batch meant to be sold in the store out for third-party testing to ensure it is efficacious and nontoxic. There is a four-step vetting process brands must go through before selling on Standard Dose, which includes the third-party testing and focus groups. Standard Dose sells about 100 sku’s from 30 brands. The last part is experience, which is where the brick-and-mortar store comes in, a “three-floor beauty experience” that offers daily meditation and yoga classes. Saniger plans to add facials and acupuncture in a spa later this summer.