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Tatcha Launches Silk Powder on Newness

The brand is the first to launch a product on the burgeoning streaming platform.

On the heels of a big year for livestreaming in the beauty industry, Tatcha is jumping into the mix. 

The skin care brand will be launching The Silk Powder, a new skin care powder, on the beauty livestreaming platform Newness this week. It will be for sale exclusively on Newness on March 4 before a wider launch on and with Sephora on March 6 for $48. Tatcha is the first brand to launch a product on the platform, both the brand and Newness confirmed.

Traditionally, product development and launches happen in silos — a brand develops a product, then they launch the product and then they tell their customers about it. We’re so excited to have Tatcha as the first brand to launch a product on Newness, and to work with them as they engage in real-time conversations with members of their own community,” said Newness cofounder Jenny Qian in a statement to WWD.

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Tatcha has deftly handled the shift to e-commerce over the past year, most recently with the launch of The Rice Wash in the Nintendo game Animal Crossing. Now, founder Vicky Tsai sees the value in educating an audience directly on a product. “I have been going on to QVC and we realized how powerful it is to talk directly about our products. You can get so much more information across,” she said. “On Newness, I thought the two-way interaction helps you tailor information to what’s most important to the community watching. It’s nice because beauty is very personal, and there are so many tips and tricks with each product,” she added.

The livestream extravaganza will span two days. On March 3, makeup artist and global director of artistry and education Daniel Martin will launch the Tatcha channel with Tsai, and the following day, will unveil the powder with a variety of guests. “On Instagram, you have your filters, and you have your editing. On Newness, it’s very raw, and it’s very authentic, and it’s very real. You are having this intimate connection with these people in this chat, and it’s something I haven’t seen in social media in a long time,” Martin said.

Martin described the Silk Powder as a skin care-first powder, which provides skin care and antipollution benefits. It has other hero ingredients native to the brand, such as its proprietary compound, Hadasei-3, and Japanese pearl powder.

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