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The 10 Top Trending Skin Care Ingredients in South Korea

Korean data from Spate sheds a light on which rising K-beauty ingredient might be the next to trickle into the U.S. beauty market. 

Could epidermal growth factor be the next blockbuster K-beauty ingredient?

Known for inducing cell regeneration, EGF has endured the most significant increase in average monthly searches on South Korea’s leading search engine, Naver, as of late, but its presence in the U.S. is still meager. 

Such is also the case for other rising ingredients in South Korea, including heartleaf and noni, both of which are known for anti-inflammatory properties, and the latter of which only garners roughly 20 monthly Google searches in the U.S., according to data from Spate.  

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By comparison, tretinoin, glycolic acid and ceramides reign as the top-trending ingredients in the U.S.

“The U.S. is not showing as much interest in skin care as they were during the pandemic or earlier,” said Spate cofounder, Yarden Horwitz. “There’s a great opportunity for brands to look at what consumers are searching for in Korea and to figure out how they can bring that interest to the U.S.” 

Horwitz noted that while it’s not yet among the top growers, salmon sperm DNA is also gaining traction in Korean skin care, and is said to improve collagen production. 

Here, the top trending ingredients searched across skin care products in South Korea, ranked by increase in average monthly searches. 

  1. EGF: 15.4K monthly searches
  2. Enzyme: 8.1K monthly searches
  3. Heartleaf: 8.9K monthly searches
  4. Vitamin C: 12.1K monthly searches
  5. Panthenol: 1.3K monthly searches
  6. Noni: 3.5K monthly searches
  7. Ceramide: 11.4K monthly searches
  8. BHA: 1.1K monthly searches
  9. Bifida: 950 monthly searches
  10. Collagen: 74.5K monthly searches