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The Benchmarking Co. Releases Consumer Preference Report on Eyelashes and Eyebrows

The report surveys 7,000 U.S. beauty consumers on their preferences on eyelash and eyebrow products, brands and services.

The Benchmarking Co. has released a report today that details the preferences of 7,000 U.S. beauty shoppers for eyelash and eyebrow products and services.

The report states that two-thirds of beauty shoppers purchased both an eyelash and eyebrow product or tool in the past 12 months.

In the last 12 months, 98 percent of shoppers purchased mascara, 63 percent purchased mascara makeup remover, 55 percent purchased an eyelash curler, 46 percent purchased mascara primer, 30 percent purchased eyelash serum and 26 percent purchased an eyelash growth product. The report also states that shoppers mainly look for volume, length, waterproof, lash separation and longwear when buying a lash product.

For brows, 86 percent of shoppers purchased a brow pencil, 69 percent purchased tweezers, 60 percent purchased a brow brush, 49 percent purchased brow gel, 42 percent purchased brow powder, 27 percent purchased a brow crayon and 18 percent purchased a brow stencil. Shoppers mainly look for color match, longwear, texture, waterproof and color intensity when buying a brow product.

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To buy the products, 71 percent buy from a superstore, 65 percent buy from a specialty beauty retailer, 40 percent buy from a drugstore and 31 percent buy from an online retailer.

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Among Millennials, Gen X and Baby Boomers, Maybelline was the preferred lash brand, while Gen Z prefers Too Faced. For brows, Gen Z, Millennials and Gen X prefer Anastasia Beverly Hills, while Baby Boomers prefer Maybelline.

In terms of services in the past year, 41 percent have done brow waxing, 27 percent have done brow shaping, 24 percent have done brow tweezing, 19 percent have done brow threading, 17 percent have done brow trimming, 12 percent have received false lash applications and 3 percent have done brow microblading.

For false lashes, the report states 71 percent save falsies for special occasions, 20 percent wear them daily and 8 percent have no set schedule. The report also states challenges of false eyelashes with 61 percent stated they have a hard time applying their own false lashes, 36 percent stated falsies don’t stay on long enough and 27 percent stated falsies are too expensive.

The report also asked surveyors about trends. For brows, 91 percent said they preferred thick, structured eyebrows, 85 percent said they preferred well-groomed men’s brows and 75 percent said they preferred dyed-to-match brows. For lashes, 95 percent said they preferred voluminous lashes, 81 percent said they preferred extra-long eyelashes and 77 percent said they preferred natural eyelashes.