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The Best Beauty Ad Campaigns of 2016

Shea Moisture and Kenzo World get kudos for their inspirational and artistic ad campaigns.

Beauty Inc. celebrates the year’s hottest innovations and most directional marketers. See the winners here.

MASS: Shea Moisture for The #BreaktheWalls Campaign

The segregation of “ethnic” products from the general beauty aisle has long stirred industrywide debate. This year, Shea Moisture brought the issue front and center with consumers with the #BreaktheWalls campaign. In the video, which launched in April, women vent their frustrations about having to visit a special aisle for their beauty needs. It ends with the tag line, “We are Shea Moisture and now we can be found in the beauty aisle where we all belong.” Phase two launched with women questioning what normal means in the context of beauty. Sundial Brands founder and ceo Richelieu Dennis built the company by breaking down barriers and his message definitely resonated: IRI reported that for the 52 weeks ending Oct. 2, the Shea Moisture brands rocketed 43 percent in dollar volume to almost $200 million.


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PRESTIGE: Kenzo World


The scene opens with a young woman in an emerald green dress looking ill at ease at a black tie dinner. She excuses herself and walks into a deserted hall to the strains of distorted music. Suddenly, her face begins to move in time to the rising beat, as her body breaks out into a frenzied shimmy. For the next three minutes or so, she dances uninhibitedly before breaking through an enormous eye made of flowers. The final shot is of a fragrance bottle in the same shape: Kenzo World. The Spike Jonze-directed film (as execs call it, as opposed to something as commercial as a, well, commercial) quickly went viral. Kenzo’s artistic directors Humberto Leon and Carol Lim set out to shock, hoping to deliver a much-needed spark to a challenged category. “We want a fantasy that every girl can really relate to, something that feels genuine and real and in the psyche of humans,” Leon said.