NEW YORK — Katie Rodan and Kathy Fields are out to deliver the goods.

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In what sounds a bit like an infomercial, the Stanford University-trained dermatology duo is offering perfect skin in 60 days. In the past, Rodan and Fields developed Proactiv Solution, the acne treatment line that has been sold via infomercials over the past several years.

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Now, the doctors have their eye on another consumer group — upscale specialty store shoppers — with their newest creation, Rodin & Fields Multi-Med Therapy, a group of new prescription-style, premade kits intended to take the guesswork out of skin care regimens. “We see it as the democratization of dermatology,” said Rodan. “It treats the whole face, and it’s easy to understand.” And not only are the kits intended to be easy to understand, Fields said, they’re very targeted in order to achieve maximum efficacy. “We’re not about hope in a jar here,” she said. “Most women need more than just a lovely moisturizer.”

The kits — each designed to last about 60 days — include Radiant, for uneven skin tone; Calm, for blemishes, breakouts and facial redness, and Clean, for blackhead extraction. Radiant includes five items — a cleanser, toner, skin lightening lotion, a sunscreen and a microdermabrasion paste; Clean is comprised of three items, an extraction toner, a blackhead extractor and a soothing lotion, while Calm is made up of a cleanser, toner and a medicated lotion.

Each product grouping is packaged in a white hanging bag accented with one of three colors; packaging and the design concept are the brainchild of creative director Shari Creed. Each product within each collection is tinted a color that corresponds to its outer packaging’s accent color: Radiant is yellow and scented with citrus, Calm is lavender and smells like geranium and lavender and Clean is green and scented with mint.

In addition to the three regimens, there are two additional collections. The Compounds line includes a gentle wash, moisturizer and a sunscreen that can be used with any of the treatment kits, while the Details line is a grouping of professional tools. All told, the complete lineup is comprised of 18 stockkeeping units ranging in price from $6 to $125. Although each of the stockkeeping units can also be purchased separately, buying them as kits saves consumers $50 or more, said Fields. “The reason for that is that we feel very strongly about using these products as a kit, rather than having them cherry-pick the line,” she said. Additional collections are currently on the drawing board.

The products are just now entering Fred Segal Essentials and will enter Bergdorf Goodman in the fall. They are also available on the duo’s Web site, As well, the doctors are in discussion with a number of specialty store doors. While they wouldn’t comment on expected first-year sales, industry sources estimated that they would top $1 million at retail.

Still, additional distribution plans will be done slowly and carefully, the team emphasized. “We’re not planning to launch this everywhere,” said Fields. “We’re going to be very targeted.” That could translate into a complement of 300 specialty store doors over the next three to five years, she said.”

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