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The Estée Lauder Cos. Partners With Google Squared for Consumer Engagement MBA Program

The five-month program is meant to build the company’s digital and consumer engagement capabilities.

Led by Damon Burrell, head of consumer engagement, the Estée Lauder Cos. Inc. is teaming up with Google Squared to offer its employees an “consumer engagement MBA program” to build the company’s digital and consumer engagement capabilities.

“My vision is to have the best digital marketing organization in beauty,” said Burrell, who started his role in April 2016. “Where we currently are is clear that the need for building social media, digital and e-commerce capabilities is integral to our business and everything that we do is leading with a digital-first mind-set.”

The five-month program focuses on specific topics related to digital and consumer engagement, like identifying digital trends, leveraging digital channels, creating social media strategies and looking into data and analytics. The pilot program was first offered to a small team and will be rolled out to 700 to 1,000 consumer engagement employees inside the organization. Employees will finish the program with an accreditation in consumer engagement from Google.

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“[The program] focuses on what’s needed to continuously stay ahead of the curve in this [digital] space, especially getting that it’s always changing and always moving,” Burrell continued. “We think it’ll benefit [employees] not only from an education perspective and making them better digital leaders, but also help us with risk mitigation and help increase collaboration among other team members who aren’t responsible for consumer engagement, but also touch it as well.”

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Burrell, who came to The Estée Lauder Cos. from Viacom, hopes the MBA program will further his other initiatives, like drive leadership, develop best-in-class partnerships that advance consumer engagement, build internal capabilities and help the company’s brands deliver “flawless execution” when launching their products within the digital and social media spaces.

“I want to continue to make sure that all of our marketers are armed with the tools, process and capabilities in order to succeed and that we’re making significant investments in digital and consumer engagement,” Burrell said. “This will make sure we’re going to be an agile, fast-moving organization and that we further enable all of these seamless consumer experiences across touch points and channels.”