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Influenster Releases the Most Popular Beauty Brands for Holiday 2016

Anastasia Beverly Hills is shaping up as a hit on Santa's list.

With the final few shopping days before Christmas and Hanukkah looming, Influenster released the most popular beauty brands. The company also broke down the favorites on a state-by-state basis.

Anastasia Beverly Hills pulled in the highest total number of votes, no surprise based on women’s quest for the perfect brow. Urban Decay and MAC Cosmetics were second and third, respectively. Other brands on wish lists included Too Faced in Alaska, Lancôme in Hawaii, Kat Von D in Maryland, Lush in Minnesota and Becca in Vermont. Indiana, New Mexico and West Virginia gave a nod to a retailer’s own brand — the Sephora Collection.

Prestige brands dominated the landscape, with the exception of Arkansas, Nebraska, New Hampshire and South Dakota. E.l.f. Cosmetics scored big with Arkansans, ColourPop with those in Nebraska, Maybelline in New Hampshire and Cover Girl in South Dakota.

Influenster, the product discovery and reviews platform, aggregated the top-reviewed beauty brands on its web site. It combined that with an online poll of 4,065 women to uncover the beauty brands they’d like to receive this holiday season.

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Members use Influenster to explore the latest products, gain fresh insight, pick up new tips, and share their opinions with others. The Influenster community spans more than 2.5 million members. Since’s launch three years ago, more than 11 million reviews have been created on in excess of 1.7 million products.

Influenster’s findings correspond the store checks days before Christmas with MAC counters bustling at Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s and E.l.f. selling briskly at Wal-Mart. Retailers report a healthy demand for beauty this Yule, especially in brow kits, Urban Decay palettes, makeup brushes, artificial eyelashes and bold lip colors.