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The Tiny Face Challenge Takes Over TikTok

The trend emerged last week on the social media app and has since surpassed 3.7 million views.

Social media is sharing its spin on mask beauty.

Last week, a makeup challenge emerged on TikTok of users filming themselves, mouths covered, painting tiny noses and lips so as to give the effect of a shrunken face. The trend quickly took off and this week, the #TinyFaceChallenge surpassed 5.8 million views.

YouTuber Jaime French was widely credited with popularizing the challenge. French shared a YouTube video of herself contouring and shaping a tiny nose and mouth on her own face. The video racked up more than 600,000 views — a fraction of the hashtag’s impact on TikTok.

The #TinyFaceChallenge is inspired, in part, by coronavirus requirements to wear face masks in public. It seems to be social media’s tongue-in-cheek answer to mask beauty: with face masks likely to be a permanent lifestyle accessory, beauty enthusiasts are using makeup to display reimagined versions of their concealed facial features.

The trend is yet another example of beauty’s TikTok craze, which has only grown since the coronavirus began. In April, E.l.f. revived its viral TikTok campaign, remixing its hit “Eyes. Lips. Face.” song to include lyrics on proper hand-washing and other safety measures. In March, Fenty Beauty became the first beauty company to open a TikTok house in Los Angeles. The house, which featured a rotating roster of residents, closed down shortly after its opening due to social distancing guidelines.

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