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Tommy Buckett Signs Onto BondiBoost as U.S. Ambassador

The celebrity hair stylist will have a hand in product development as well as external communications for the brand.

BondiBoost is supercharging its brand awareness with a new ambassador.

The hair care brand, which Gauge Capital acquired last year for an undisclosed sum, has named celebrity hair stylist Tommy Buckett its U.S. brand ambassador, effective April 1. Buckett is also the lead stylist at the Marie Robinson Salon in New York.

Buckett’s duties will include consulting on products and working across external communications, such as email marketing and social media.

“I liked the brand’s culture,” he said of the partnership. “It’s the hair I love and do all the time – effortlessly chic hair, embracing your natural texture — easy, easy hair.”

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His new role comes at a time of expansion for BondiBoost. When it was acquired last year, sales were said to be around $80 million in 2021. Now, the brand’s key priority is boosting awareness in tandem with growing its international markets.

“We’ve been focusing on building out the team across the world to support the globalization of the brand,” said Brian Orr, the brand’s global president. “We’ve expanded distribution in the markets that we operate in currently, which would be Australia, North America and the U.K. We have positioned ourselves very well to enter into new geographies here in 2023.”

Among those markets are Europe, Southeast Asia and Latin America. “We’re focusing on elevating and evolving what’s differentiated the brand from competitors since the start, and a lot has to do with the way BondiBoost has combined years of studies and expertise and using rich, nourishing Australian ingredients in all of our products,” Orr continued.

In the brand’s anti-thinning range, key ingredients include peppermint, aloe vera, rosemary and saw palmetto, for example.

“If you see the list of ingredients that they use, it’s all awesome Australian ingredients that promote hair growth, hair shine and hair health,” Buckett said.

BondiBoost also homes in on hair loss, which Buckett has seen as a concern across his clientele. “Everyone is getting hair loss, and they say, ‘My hair is thinning, it’s not as healthy as what it used to be.’ That’s definitely the number-one question in the salon, in terms of what people are asking for, like supplements, tonics, lotions and potions. That’s one of the big things we see, and scalp care,” he said.

Though Buckett’s sweet spot is with lo-fi glamour, he’s seeing strong styling trends emerge, too. “A lot of people are asking for straight, blow-dried hair. People are ready to put heat on their hair again,” he said. “They want to feel more polished and a little more done. It’s the extremes from wavy, curly hair… or low dried flat, like sleek, straight healthy-looking hair. And it’s all shiny.”

Orr is also hoping to take the brand deeper into areas of key concern for the brand loyalists. “Everyone wants to make sure they’re finding solutions that are personalized and curated to whatever their hair challenge might be,” he said. “Whether that’s thinning or volume, or frizz or dandruff, or color toning. It’s making sure that you have the right products that fit your hair type and your hair need.”