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Top 10 Beauty Trends for March 2021

Data from Trendalytics suggest consumers anticipating a return to normalcy.

Consumers are getting ready to show their faces to the outside world — masked or otherwise. Trendalytics‘ top March trends point to the masses anticipating a return to normalcy, perhaps by this summer.

People are trying to prepare themselves for the fact that they’ll have to be appropriate for human consumption sometime soon,” said Cece Lee Arnold, chief executive officer of Trendalytics. “It’s like, ‘We’re very close to the end of this. I should probably touch up my roots or do my nails.'”

The list is still reflective of some lingering trends from the height of the pandemic, like an emphasis on skin care. Growing eye makeup trends suggest prolonged mask usage. “This list has all the eye trends, because masks probably aren’t going way that soon,” Lee Arnold said. Here, Trendalytics’ top 10 trends for March, as ranked by year-over-year search growth.

Top 10 Trends:

  1. Hydrocolloid Patches: +1,019 percent
  2. Mask Stick: +961 percent
  3. Headband Wig: +837 percent
  4. Refillable Deodorant: +487 percent
  5. Bloat Supplement: +483 percent
  6. Quercetin: +384 percent
  7. Niacinamide Serum: +338 percent
  8. Rice Water Shampoo: +332 percent
  9. Smudged Eyeliner: +255 percent
  10. Floating Eyeliner: +240 percent

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