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Top Beauty Trends From Paris Fall 2019 Collections

From wet-looking hair to silver-colored eyelids, the looks appearing on the runways were varied.

WET HEADS: High-shine hair paraded down many a catwalk in Paris this season.
Eugene Souleiman said he created a side part and ponytail for models at the Stella McCartney show, where they were meant to look like they had just gotten out of the shower.

Stella McCartney and Haider Ackermann
Stella McCartney and Haider Ackermann Vanni Bassetti/WWD; Kuba Dabrowski/WWD

At Haider Ackermann, Duffy said: “We’re essentially painting on what from the front will look like a lacquered hairband. That’s essentially what we want the top three-quarters of the hair to look like.” Models’ remaining tresses were tucked into their collars. The wet look was also spotted at Cyclas, Olivier Theyskens, Uma Wang, Maison Margiela and Rochas.

Cyclas, Maison Margiela and Uma Wang
Cyclas, Maison Margiela and Uma Wang Dominique Maitre/WWD; Aitor Rosas Sune/WWD

RED ON PEEPERS: “Inspiration for the makeup is always first of all [Haider Ackermann’s] collection,” Inge Grognard said backstage before the designer’s show. She explained also for this season a color had to be sharp. “I was thinking about an eyeliner, but not an eyeliner with a flip,” Grognard said.

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Backstage at Haider Ackermann RTW Fall 2019, photographed in Paris on March 2, 2019.
Haider Ackermann Delphine Achard/WWD

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“It’s an eyeliner like the cut of a knife in the corner of the eye. There will be a few girls that have the deep red.” Red hues popped up on peepers at other shows, too, including Leonard, Valentino and Guy Laroche.

Leonard Paris, Valentino and Guy Laroche
Leonard Paris, Valentino and Guy Laroche Dominique Maitre/WWD; Giovanni Giannoni/WWD

SILVER SHEEN: For the Giambattista Valli show, Val Garland said the makeup look she created was a cross between Guy Bourdin and the movie “Fame.” In a nod to the latter, she gave 11 models a chromatic eye.

Koché, Giambattista Valli and Anais Jourden
Koché, Giambattista Valli and Anais Jourden Kuba Dabrowski/WWD; Delphine Achard/WWD; Giovanni Giannoni/WWD

“We’re using black, white, silver and a little bit of glitter,” she explained. Garland drew a curvy white line over models’ lids and a black liner under their lower lids. Below that was affixed a black, white and gray strip with a sparkly silver fringe, “like a visor,” Garland said. “It made [the look] more futuristic and less delicately eyelash-y.” Silver hues were used around eyes at Koché and Anaïs Jourden, too.

BLACK-ACCENTED EYES: Models’ eyes were outlined in black at numerous shows in Paris this season.

Paco Rabanne, Lutz Huelle and Altuzarra
Paco Rabanne, Lutz Huelle and Altuzarra Delphine Achard/WWD; Kuba Dabrowski/WWD; Vanni Bassetti/WWD

At Paco Rabanne, Pat McGrath was in part inspired by Edie Sedgwick, and to channel that look she used McGrath Labs’ PermaGel Ultra Glide Eye Pencil and Perma PrecisionLiquid Eyeliner in extreme black, plus FetishEyes Mascara on models’ top and bottom lashes. Black-rimmed eyes were also apparent at Lutz Huelle and Altuzarra.

WILL O’ THE WISP: Guido Palau created a “boyish kind of ponytail” for the Givenchy show. He crafted a deep side part on models’ heads, so their hair fell over their eyebrows. The hairstylist planned to pull some strands out right before models hit the catwalk, so they looked a bit disheveled. “There’s a masculine-feminine kind of vibe,” he said. “It’s got a boyish strength, [but] it’s still very beautiful and luxe.” Wisps wafted down runways at other shows, such as Akris, Each Other, Valentino and Comme des Garçons.

Akris, Valentino and Givenchy
Akris, Valentino and Givenchy Vanni Bassetti/WWD; Giovanni Giannoni/WWD; Delphine Achard/WWD


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