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Top EMV Beauty Brands, Influencers

While makeup sales have bounced back, beauty brands are enduring widespread year-over-year declines in earned media value.

As the volume of influencer content has dwindled in the first half of 2022, so has the earned media value of many of beauty’s biggest brands. 

According to data from Tribe Dynamics, nine out of the top 10 scorers have sustained blows to their year-over-year earned media value in 2022, with only Charlotte Tilbury seeing a 37 percent increase in the metric. 

Conversely, ColourPop Cosmetics, Anastasia Beverly Hills, MAC and Fenty Beauty posted year-over-year declines of 39 percent, 41 percent, 16 percent and 26 percent respectively.  

Five of the top brands did, however, manage to see half-over-half earned media value growth in H1 2022, those being MAC, Fenty Beauty, Charlotte Tilbury, Nars and E.l.f, the latter of which saw the highest increase in the metric, at 31 percent.

Charlotte Tilbury was also an outlier in that it experienced a 26 percent increase in influencer post count in 2022, while the other nine brands averaged a 31 percent decrease in the metric, which Tribe Dynamics attributed to “widespread community attrition” and an overall decrease in influencer posting frequency. 

Here, the top 10 beauty brands in terms of earned media value, and their most EMV-driving influencers. 

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  1. ColourPop Cosmetics: $219,442,730, Jasmin Markovinovic
  2. Charlotte Tilbury: $192,609,014, Amanda Benko
  3. Anastasia Beverly Hills: $176,060,835, Melanin Ezeofor
  4. MAC: $164,332,309, Amanda Benko
  5. Fenty Beauty: $162,579,936, Amanda Benko
  6. Benefit: $156,616,166, Lena Bagrowska
  7. NYX Professional Makeup: $151,639,739, Amanda Benko
  8. E.l.f.: $145,493,310, Danielle Kirsty
  9. Nars: $139,261,154, Amanda Benko
  10. Morphe: $139,261,154, Danessa Myricks