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By the Numbers: Consumers Return to Functionality

September data from Trendalytics show searches indicate skin care’s continued — and growing — dominance.

As the weather cools down, TikTok trends have dissipated from Google search trends. According to September data from Trendalytics, which uses a proprietary algorithm to predict monthly trends, the focus is on skin now, specifically, masks. “There was still whimsy and escapism over summer, but now it’s much more, ‘Everything is terrible, and I need to control my maskne,’” said Trendalytics chief executive officer Cece Lee. The pivot to functionality has been an undercurrent for skin-care sales throughout the pandemic, although Lee theorized that the pandemic’s duration played a vital role in the crescendo of skin-care trends, coupled with the looming election and natural disasters across the country. “As much as people are paying lip service to ‘the new normal,’ everyone is now realizing that it’s never going back to normal. You tried to get as much escapism as you could over the summer, and everyone knows now that winter is coming,” she said. Here, Trendalytics’ top search trends for September, as ranked by year-over-year growth.

1. Maskne: +16,668%
2. Nettle venom: +2,528%
3. Neck mask: +1,222%
4. Men’s face mask: +961%
5. Nose mask: +704%
6. Pyrrolidone carboxylic acid: +703%
7. Biodegradable hair ties: +516%
8. Niacinamide serum: +502%
9. Lace mask: +492%
10. Cooling mask: +451%

Source: Trendalytics

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