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Touchland Launches Antiaging Sanitizer, Goes Into Target and Sephora

The brand is introducing its first antiaging stock keeping unit, as well as entering both Sephora and Target in 2022.

Touchland, the hand sanitizer brand that rethought hygiene in advance of the coronavirus pandemic, has set its eyes on new partners and new innovations.

It is launching its first antiaging hand sanitizer, called Glow Mist, and is widening distribution by going into Sephora next month, and Target in March.

The brand’s current distribution includes Revolve, Neiman Marcus, Ulta Beauty and Von Maur. Even as spreading variants of COVID-19 have ebbed and flowed, demand is still running high for the product.

“This year of growth has been even faster than last year. We’re sending our key retailers 30 percent more units than last year, so the brand continues to be extremely strong,” said Andrea Lisbona, Touchland’s founder and chief executive officer.

Lisbona didn’t comment on specific sales figures, although industry sources estimate net sales reached $12 million in 2020.

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Despite a robust — and growing — distribution network, the brand launched direct to consumer in 2018, which has provided Lisbona with a plethora of data points about her customers.

“Early adopters were beauty lovers and skin care lovers,” she said. “We are extremely successful on TikTok, and there are a lot of moms telling us their kids are obsessed with Touchland. We have been able to see women over 50 buying for everyone in the whole family.”

Given the products’ complex fragrances, which were created by Givaudan, Lisbona posited that Touchland is more lifestyle than beauty brand. “When we started calling our customers and getting some data, we heard that some of them are buying them as perfume and others as mood enhancers,” she said. “We’ve been able to create this hype around a category that has had no excitement for 20 years.”

Keeping momentum beyond the pandemic doesn’t daunt Lisbona, who thinks hand sanitizer will be as ubiquitous post-coronavirus. “This is a really important habit — as important as brushing your teeth,” she said. “Over the years, this has become something that everyone does. We’re building something that we want to be in the market for many years, like the Apples and Nikes that become a part of everyone’s lives.”

The brand is also introducing Glow Mist, a hand sanitizer with antiaging benefits, which will retail for $16. It includes specific technologies called Detoskin and Vitasource, which detoxify skin and increase collagen production, respectively.

“As we want innovate, we thought about how we can create more benefits? When you think of toothpastes, they all have various functional targets,” she said. “Also, when you think about how many skin care products you put on your face, we really wanted to give that spotlight to your hands. Skin care is not just taking care of your face,” she said.

The Glow Mist will launch at Sephora and Touchland’s own website. Although it’s not in full distribution yet, Lisbona said retailers receive the brand increasingly well. “People would say ‘You’re so strong on social media, you’re so strong in press that we’re going to take a risk and launch you in 1,200 doors,'” Lisbona said. “I always say it’s a little bit of a Cinderella story.”


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