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TreasureTress Study Tracks Black Shoppers’ Buying Habits

The study, which used data from over 12,000 participants, showed shortcomings in the U.K. as opposed to other markets.

Despite comprising a chunk of consumer spend, Black beauty consumers are still being overlooked in the U.K., a new report shows.

Data from natural hair beauty box TreasureTress indicates that while the consumer base over-indexes on hair care usage, major retailers are still underserving them.

“When I decided to bring my business to the U.K. market, I tried to find data to support my idea, and it was like Black British women were a demographic that didn’t exist in data,” said Jamelia Donaldson, founder of TreasureTress.

Namely, where and how Black British women buy beauty differs drastically from international markets. “Only 1 percent of Black British women shop for beauty at supermarkets, whereas 35 percent of African American women do,” Donaldson said. “Supermarkets in the U.K. are missing out on a huge opportunity, as it looks like they’re deciding to ignore this consumer.”

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Here, five facts about the Black beauty consumer in the U.K.

• Black adult women in the U.K. only make up 2 percent of the population, but comprise 10 percent of hair care spend.

1 percent of Black British women shop at supermarkets for hair care, as opposed to 35 percent of African American women, 30 percent of the world outside of the U.K. and Europe, and 13 percent of Black European shoppers.

• Independent retailers are the shopping channel of choice for 59 percent of Black British women, opposed to 18 percent of African American women, 30 percent of Black European women, and 37 percent of the rest of the world.

61 percent of Gen Z and Millennial Black women in the U.K. shop at independent stores, although only 8 percent of the same age groups in the U.S. shop independently.

Globally, Millennials outspend Gen Z and Gen X on hair products, and social media catalyzed the most discovery across regions and generations.

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