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As consumers adjust their mind-sets to post-pandemic living, luxuries like travel and fragrance are coming back to the fore.

New data from Trendalytics shows heightening interest in travel-friendly and waterless products. “People are starting to see the end of the tunnel with the pandemic,” said Cece Lee Arnold, chief executive officer of Trendalytics.

In the wake of the pandemic, interest in fragrance — which was hit hard in the first half of 2020 — is also burgeoning. Lee Arnold posited that the renewed interest was twofold.

“It’s not a thing that bothers you if you don’t smell great, but when you’re going back out into the world, it does matter,” she said. “You have to care about personal hygiene in a way you haven’t in a while. It’s how you effect others.”

The second prong of consumer interest is how the coronavirus impacts smell, Lee Arnold said, and searches point to a newfound appreciation of scent. “When you don’t have your sense of smell anymore, you see how tied it is to everything. Consumers are going back to enjoying the things they weren’t before, and they won’t take it for granted,” she said.

Both trends, Lee Arnold said, are here to stay as the world readjusts to waning threats of infection. “You’re going to continue seeing these trends for a while — the pandemic started at a specific moment, but the return will be more gradual,” she said. Here, the top 10 emerging beauty trends for May, according to Trendalytics.

Top 10 Emerging Trends:

  1. Toothpaste Tabs: +358 percent
  2. Cleansing Stick: +268 percent
  3. SPF Stick: +65 percent
  4. Alcohol-Free Perfume: +65 percent
  5. Clean Perfume: +34 percent
  6. Perfume: +32 percent
  7. Shampoo Bar: +28 percent
  8. Black Nail Polish: +27 percent
  9. Probiotic: +10 percent
  10. Conditioner Bar: +6 percent


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