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Tula Teams With Shawn Johnson for First Celebrity Partnership

The Olympic gymnast helped formulate the skin-care brand’s latest product based on a family recipe.

Tula is partnering with a famous face for its upcoming fall-themed product.

The probiotic-based skin-care brand is teaming with Olympic gymnast Shawn Johnson for a pumpkin-themed iteration of its best-selling Exfoliating Sugar Scrub that was inspired by the Olympian’s mother’s pumpkin bread recipe.

“Last October I was getting ready to have my daughter and I was craving soul food,” Johnson said about the product’s inspiration during a virtual event with Tula. “I made my go-to recipe that my mom taught me when I was really little, which was homemade pumpkin bread. It’s made with like a gallon of Crisco and sugar and it’s just terrible, but the most delicious thing in the entire world. I randomly posted it on Instagram and broke the Internet for some reason.”

The collaboration marks Tula’s first celebrity partnership. Johnson, who won three silver medals and one gold medal at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, was previously a part of the brand’s influencer program and the product collaboration is the next phase of their partnership, where Johnson now has equity in the brand.

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The limited-edition pumpkin-themed product has been in the works for more than a year, with Johnson working closely on everything from the product’s scent profile to the packaging.

Johnson said the product’s pumpkin and cinnamon smell is “spot on” to her mother’s recipe.

“I mean, it’s not edible, so don’t eat it,” she said with a laugh. “But it was just a seamless story of integrating two different passions of mine to be something that I was in love with and I worked very hard on.”

For Johnson, the product’s smell was one of the most important parts of the formulation process. The team went through numerous different formulations before getting the right blend.

“I am a very cliché girl and I love that it smells like pumpkin,” she said. “I am that person that as soon as Trader Joes or Whole Foods or Target comes out with literally anything they could ever come up with that says pumpkin, looks like pumpkin or smells like pumpkin, I’m going to buy it.”

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