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Tula, Tatcha Named Top Skin Care Influencer Marketers

Data from Tribe Dynamics shows brands showcasing skin-forward sensibilities as dominating the category.

The epoch of the full-glam influencer may be coming to a close.

Data from Tribe Dynamics shows that as skin care popularity swells across platforms, winning brands are ushering in a new set of aesthetic rules.

Makeup may still have the lead in volume by EMV, said Conor Begley, president of Tribe Dynamics, but brands are winning on skin-forward content in growing numbers. “What we’re seeing across the category is a broad decline. People are diversifying their content and creating less about makeup,” he said, adding that light-coverage brands like Ilia and Kosas were among those showing growth. “Makeup will continue to get more total volume, just because it’s easier to talk about and more visual in nature, but that’s purely from a volume standpoint.”

To that end, skin care is increasingly popular with younger consumers and the platforms they frequent, such as TikTok. “Fuller-glam brands have had a tougher time. When you look at content on TikTok, you don’t see a lot of heavier makeup content. You see more skin care,” Begley added. “It’s a changing of the guard in terms of what consumers are preferring.”

Here, the top 10 skin care brands in August 2021, ranked by EMV.

  1. Tula
  2. Tatcha
  3. Glow Recipe
  4. Summer Fridays
  5. Kiehl’s
  6. Drunk Elephant
  7. Supergoop!
  8. Youth To The People
  9. Caudalie
  10. First Aid Beauty


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