NEW YORK — Ultima II is out to thicken its mascara business with its fourth addition to the category.

The new product, Falsies, will hit stores in mid-March in Blackest Black, Blackest Brown and Blackest Blue at $12.50 per tube.

“Right now, our mascara business is not very substantial,” said Andrea Robinson, marketing president for Revlon’s department store brands. “So it is an opportunity business for us. We are looking to really make an impact with Falsies.”

Industry sources say the company is reportedly projecting that Falsies will more than double Ultima’s mascara business.

Ultima’s three current mascaras — Big Finish, Extra Full for Sensitive Eyes and Waterproof Mascara for Sensitive Eyes — generate 4 percent of Ultima’s $80 million in wholesale volume, or $3.2 million, sources said.

Ultima will spend over $8 million on a national TV campaign that will break in mid-March and run all year, Robinson said.

There will also be local TV spots, although that media schedule has not been completed, Robinson said.

Ultima hopes to distinguish Falsies from the hundreds of other mascaras by giving the product both a lengthening and a thickening positioning.

Traditional mascaras are either one or the other, she said.

The company also maintains that Falsies will wear for up to 18 hours without clumping, flaking or spiking — common consumer complaints.